EA backs down and pulls Medal Of Honor: Warfighter tomahawk

Company removes branded tomahawk from sale and pulls blog posts touting deals with weapons manufacturers.

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rdgneoz32254d ago

Glad they didn't back down and still have the partnerships with the various manufacturers (authenticity is always nice), but sad what was meant to be used to support fallen and wounded members of the military and their families was stopped.

Soldierone2254d ago

Thanks a lot to all the cry babies that ruined a great's really a shame. I would love to purchase a Medal of Honor knife. The guns are WAY to expensive for a majority of casual gamers, so I don't see the issue to begin with.

Muerte24942254d ago

EA's board of directors decided against it. With all the killings happening today, it would literally kill your company if a murder happened with your trademark on the murder weapon. Those against games would have all they need to get new restricting game laws passed. It's ultimately just not worth all the hassel.

mananimal2254d ago

all this just to create a "buzz" for the franchise "Medal of Honor", most miltary games by Big Industry publishers like Ubisoft, EA, Activision, etc ...have some type of working relationship via access to Real-life weaponry etc , with the U.S. Military & other Militarys such as British, big deal.

Just tryna drum up hype, lol.