Day Z creator turned down offers from "many, many publishers"

The digital sensation that is Day Z has turned many heads in the past few months – including some on the publishing scene.

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theEx1Le2309d ago

He was always up front in saying that money wasn't the issue. It was creative freedom, which big publishers would control in return for boat loads of cash. Glad he stuck with his principles to make DayZ exactly how he wants it.

blackhammer2304d ago

Yeah, I'd think if you were going to shove a leash up someones backside, they wouldn't be happy with the idea of you publishing their game.

Although I am unhappy with what Day-Z is at the moment, I'm definitely happier he is sticking to his guns.

And isn't he a part of Bohemia Interactive? So technically, he probably couldn't publish the game unless he left he company, right?