Orcs Must Die! 2 Review - The Digital Fix

Well the name says it all really, this is the second installment in orcish genocide brought to us by Robot Entertainment; they must die and it’s down to you to make sure the orc slaying is as inventive and fun as possible. Orcs Must Die! 2 isn't really a game, it’s a playset of enormous proportions for dealing out death in as many ways as possible to our green skinned chums. In a title such as Orcs Must Die! 2 you are the centre of the action, there isn't any real plot to justify the orc killing (well not a very meaty one anyway) and there isn't a huge gimmick trying to tempt you in like ultra realistic orcish buttock physics. It’s a simple game in execution and you have one goal and that is to rid each and every level of as many orcs as possible. How you do that is maybe not so simple and has potential for huge amounts of orc blood to be spilled and as a result lots of fun to be had.

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