Is This the Golden Age of Gaming?

"As the next generation of consoles is still under construction, now is a good time to take a look back on the history of gaming and gauge exactly where we are on the age spectrum. Arcade gaming has clearly hit its peak—but there’s more to gaming than what console it plays on, and how it’s presented. "

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dirigiblebill2257d ago

Late PS2 era was my personal Golden Age, but the past year and a bit have been bloody good.

NukaCola2256d ago

I think if this generation wasnt infested with fanboyisms and pure disgusting favoritism amongst gamers and journalist, it wouldnt bother me so much and wouldn't hate this gen like I do.

There has always been some bias sure, but I owned a SNES and Genesis and loved them both equally...owns a Gamecube a PS2 and Xbox and played them equally.

This's one master only and it's strange that people can't seem to love gaming anymore. Like they are slaves to the brand and the product itself means nothing. I just dont get it.

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n4f2257d ago

no this era is nothing compare to this one
and snes vs genesis(my personal favorite)is light years away

Kyosuke_Sanada2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Last Generation was the golden age in my opinion.

- So many great games were released with out red tape.

- I could pick out a random game in my local retail store because the artwork tickled my fancy and be awarded with a rare gem.

- Arcades were still prevalent so I can find my fix for a face to face brawl quite easily.

- Split-screen games were awesome. I can't calculate how much time I devoted to Phantasy Star Online.

- Game developers didn't have an ego so insulting their fan base was at an all-time low. Plus selling a million was still considered a success instead of now where if a game doesn't sell Call Of Duty numbers, it was a failure.

- Twitter wasn't invented.

- Console wars wasn't nearly as rampant as it was now. I could suggest a game to a fellow gamer with a different console which usually triggered a friendly exchange of history in the hobby instead receiving flak.

I still liked SNES and Genesis era as well because of the jabs Sega gave Nintendo was hilarious and not taken nearly as serious as it would have today.

TedCruzsTaint2256d ago

Worst generation with some of the best games.

Welcome to the rising cost of game development, with publishers and developers trying to squeeze everything out of you that they possibly can.

A few exceptions to this rule, obviously.

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The story is too old to be commented.