Axl Rose's Guitar Hero lawsuit set for trial in 2013

Player Attack: Back in 2010, we learned that Axl Rose was suing Activision for "fraud, breach of contract and unjust enrichment", claims relating to the release of Guitar Hero III. Now, a Los Angeles judge has announced that the fraud claim is being thrown out, while the breach of contact claim continues, with a court date set for February 2013.

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Snookies122624d ago

Lol, I remember seeing a trailer where he was praising the heck out of the game saying how wonderful it was...

sandman2242624d ago

Axl rose must be broke to want to sue. If you ask me he's a peice of shi_! Get a life.

mewhy322623d ago

ROFL!!!! You just took the words right out of my mouth sandman!!! I mean this guy hasn't had a career since the 80's. I'd say that he's broke!!!! I hope he doesn't get a dime and that there's a counter lawsuit where he has to pay out the nose and then make the rest of it up with community service or something. What a loser.

crimsonfox2623d ago

I don't know about not having a career. I have seen him and the new guns and rose's 3 times in the last 2 years. He's still pretty active as a musician and his newest album is really good. All 3 times i saw him he sold out the building so I'm sure he's okay. But he could be a shithead sometimes whenever he feels he's entitled to something, or finds out he could make (more) money by throwing a tantrum. And just so you know his first album was in 87 and his real popularity wasn't till the 90's so even if his career had ended if would have been in the 90's not 80's :P

Lol_Lmao2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

Never a GNR fan but I hope Activision loses just for being dicks to gamers.