Star Wars 1313: A New Hope For Gamers

MMGN: Star Wars 1313 is the revival of Star Wars. It’s the next generation of the video game series, yet for fans who grew up watching the original trilogy. It’s more mature, it’s grittier and most importantly, it’s first and foremost a video game.

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aliengmr2256d ago

It really isn't. Its not even a game yet.

Frankly Im getting sick of overly cinematic game where I am occasionally allowed to press a button here or there. Not really what I call a proper game. By the time its released we are going to be inundated with similar cinematic titles.

Fans wanted KOTOR 3, Xwing/TIE Fighter, and BF3. What we got was... yea.

1313's visuals were great, but it looks boring. Working with ILM tells me this is going to be heavily cinematic with weak gameplay. Maybe LA could be really bold and stop ignoring their fans. Nah, that would be too risky:P

Jaces2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Every once in a blue moon fans are heard so maybe we'll get lucky on this one. Dying for a great SW game right about now and I'm not holding my breath till I see some gameplay footage.

Zha1tan2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Forgot to add,

the character looks like a complete phaggot.

literally looks like an androgynous child.

blackhammer2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

I'm hoping this will be a come back for LucasArts. I haven't found interest in one of their games since Jedi Academy.

This might bring it all back. The president left, and thank fucking jesus for that. I hope they can turn a new leaf and bring forth some games that are more fun and adventurous like X-wing V Tie-fighter and Jedi Knight (Dark Forces). LucasArts seems like they're stuck in a rut.

I'm waiting for an extensive preview of gameplay (preferably from those GiantBomb guys). As aliengmr said, visuals look great, but I want less cinematic interference and more of me controlling what is happening in front of me.

Zha1tan2256d ago

Visuals look great but like the gentleman says above me the gameplay looks like it will have very limited interaction

i.e one button presses and gameplay looks like it will constantly be interrupted by scripted action moments. Basically just looks like a story based game you could run through and be done with in about 6 - 10 hours then never play again so I dont think it warrants a GPU upgrade.

BABY-JEDI2256d ago

I very much doubt that this is gameplay, & if so the interaction will be soo limited.
Also, who hasnt been disappointed with the multitude of crap Star Wars games (with exception of KOTOR)

sagapo2256d ago

The only reason I'm interested in this title is the fact that I can have a look on how a next-gen title will look like, and you have to admit; it looks pretty awesome :)

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