Black Ops: Declassified - Can It Save Vita?

A disappointing Gamescom showing is decreasing confidence in Activision's Vita shooter.

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ElitaStorm2281d ago

lol vita need saving? are you kiding me? the only thing vita needs is time like a plant needs growing

GuyThatPlaysGames2281d ago

The VITA has been doomed since day 1. Nothing can save it.

Bigkurz852281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Delusional vita supporters...

Yes the vita needs saving. Horrible sales = decreased support from studios= worse sales until a console is abandoned. Do your history children. It's not impossible. It happens.

ElitaStorm2281d ago

it's called a positive attitude

you bring to much negativity here boy

and we dont need daily articles about the same stuff, i sometimes get that thing called déjà vu and its funny

Anon19742281d ago

I don't have to research the history on mobile devices, I've lived through every mobile gaming devices release. I also remember rolling my eyes at the hundreds of "Can X game save the PSP," or "How the PSP is sinking the Playstation brand," articles - and what's the PSP at now? 75-77 million? We saw the same garbage articles with the PSP, the PS3, Blu-Ray, 3D, even HD TV's. Whenever new technology comes out you'll always see detractors heralding the new tech's doom. Sometimes they're right, often they're wrong. Look at Vita sales and compare them to the PSP's launch. Pretty similar, eh? And how did that turn out?

Perhaps you should "do your history".

Diver2280d ago

hi ledges, razorblades, poison, hi speed driving an texting, russian roulette with automatics, an a noose. can they save game journalism?

TBM2281d ago

Can we be saved from these stupid ass repetitive articles, and the retarded fanboys who say the same thing over and over thinking they know how to run a business?

this site gets more boring by the minute i can't tell the last time anymore here could actually have a regular debate without it devolving into fanboy vs fanboy.

Relientk772281d ago

The Vita doesn't need saving, but yes this game could help sell more systems

Bigkurz852281d ago

Don't bother trying to reason with this crows...they're still claiming it's the "Year of the PS3" (claimed for 3-4 years now!) and think that the PSP was superior to the DS. Sad little folks really.

2281d ago
mafiahajeri2281d ago

save? it just might kill it. killzone , ac and nfs will save thE vita.

MasterCornholio2281d ago

If there's one thing that the Vita doesn't need is terrible games from Nihilistic software.

Yeah this call of Duty game will be complete trash.

Oh well at least we have Guerilla developing Killzone Mercenaries for the Vita.


cpayne932281d ago

I think cod looked even worse because we just saw the Killzone trailer. It looked almost as good as Killzone 3. Anyone notice you got money for kills? I'm guessing that means you can use the money you get from missions on weapons and things to use in the game, and hopefully it should mean more variety in the way we can complete missions. More replay value. Also, I'm glad they didn't just throw us in with some soldiers, this could be more interesting with Mercenaries.

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The story is too old to be commented.