Capcom: Street Fighter 4 about 50 percent complete

Seth Killian from Capcomn has revealed that right now the new Street Fighter game is about 50 percent complete. He said that in some ways this was a bit of an underestimation as the game is totally playable as we will all see, but some characters, stages are features are still in development.

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gamesblow4380d ago

That's not shocking... It's Capcom and knowing Capcom like I've known them since the nes days... We can pretty much assume they've had the gameplay elements of STF4 done since Street fighter alpha hyper mega turbo delux super extreme directors cut 3.

mighty_douche4380d ago

"Street fighter alpha hyper mega turbo delux super extreme directors cut 3"


Bleucrunch4380d ago

Pretty funny gameshow bubbles for you! Knowing capcom that could be a real game.

TrevorPhillips4380d ago

woow 50% done look at the graphics now imagine when its full finished farkkkk sorry for my language

INehalemEXI4380d ago

Yah, can't wait to see it fully pollished and ready for retail.

DEADEND4380d ago

So I'm guess they can release it this year then, I can't wait I haven't play Street Fighter since I was in middle school.

INehalemEXI4380d ago

It would be great if it was released for holiday season 08. I don't mind waiting a bit longer though if not since we will have Tekken 6 , and SoulCalibur IV.

TheHater4380d ago

So I guess there is another 8 months more of developments left. Well it look like this might come out this holiday season.

kewlkat0074380d ago

on my MAME machine.

I'll probably get this for PS3 though...

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The story is too old to be commented.