X06: Doom is at hand!

That's right people, get on the Xbox Marketplace and download Doom now. The father of the FPS is now born again on the 360, so sharpen your chainsaws and load up your shotgun, it's time to go hunting imps! Not only the singleplayer in there but co-op mode as well as 4player deathmatch mode. Most played and downloaded game? Oh yes...

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willud4skins5907d ago

how could you vote lame on this. what a fanboy. you deserve 0 respect.

JPomper5907d ago

Can anybody confirm online co-op?

xrobbanx5907d ago

How can anybody vote lame to this cult classic game reincarnated

Sphinx5907d ago

Zoidy is jealous! That's all... who cares what he thinks, I just feel pity for him.
Anyway, YAY! Doom all night long for me! Look me up, I'm UnmaskedHero on XBL.

xrobbanx5907d ago

Ill be right there smashing you on xbl

Sphinx5907d ago

I did not mean to vote lame! Darn darn darn!!! This ic COOL, not lame.

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