Black Ops: Declassified Under Fire by Vita Fans

PlayStation Euphoria writes: "Call of Duty, yeah we all know that game. The game that breaks records and is a yearly game is finally going portable in a big way. Black Ops: Declassified is a new PS Vita game that was announced back in E3’12, promising a true Call of Duty experience on the go, However not many Vita fans seem to agree with the way Black Ops Vita is shaping up to be."

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HebrewHammer3021d ago

We didn't see much. I'm still excited about the potential it has in regards to Vita multiplayer.

andrewf913021d ago

As am I, I mean I know there's hate for Call of Duty but this shouldn't be hated on right away until we hear more about it. It's only been 2 days since the trailer was released.

Nitrowolf23021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

It's not that it's COD that the game is being hated on (well the graphics are a bit ugly to what was expected), it's the developers that many are having issues with, considering their past titles
yea graphics play a part, but it's more of the developer, which explain the graphics more.

Resistance Burning Skies BTW looked fine as said below, I'm sure this will loo better when it'sin your hand, but I know the KZ one blew COD away with graphics. I'm more worried about the gameplay and such seeing that Resistance Burning skies had some issues at times.

HebrewHammer3021d ago

People thought Resistance on Vita was ugly. But when it's in your hands, it aint bad at all.

Nimblest-Assassin3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Im not hating on it because its COD

Im hating on it because it looks rushed, it looks and feels like a last gen game

Also 4x4 multiplayer? PSP games could support 32 players... its a joke especially with all the "classic cod" and "true cod experience" being thrown around

We knew nothing about this game, learn a subpar dev is handling it who disappointed many with resistance... its understandable why it is under fire

For such a high profile title this is dissapointing as hell... especially when this is supposed to be a system seller

The vita can do great things, this however is a joke

Oh well.. AC3:L, TearAway, LBP vita, Killzone, PSABR, Rachet and Clank, Sly 4 all look very good and are worthy of my money

People want great games... not meh ones that they question why they bought it in the first place... hell Ac3:L is also having multiplayer... but the main game looks solid

COD:D has nothing good going for it

The story( not only is it cod, but its being handled by Nihlistic)

The dev(Treyarch had no clue who was making the game, as well as the devs history, and the fact there last game came out a few months ago)

The multiplayer

The visuals

Not one good thing I can say about this game

NewMonday3021d ago

The graphics are on a 5' screen and the play looks fast so no problem

The 4x4 MP if for local Wi-Fi, that is a total of 8 players in connection range. I'm sure their will be larger numbers for Internet modes

This game is already the "most wanted" Vita game ever, so along with AC: libration they will at least get pepol to buy the handheld, and be a gateway for the success of other great games

GribbleGrunger3021d ago

I would hold off from judging it just yet. I've got a feeling that we only saw very early footage. People may not have liked Resistance Burning Skies (some loved it) but graphically it was damned good, so let's not judge it on the graphics just yet

morganfell3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Gribble, I agree.

If people were to look at some of the worst offenders/attackers they would see many of them have a long line of Sony hate. I am not saying there are not legitimate Vita fans that are unsatisfied. But frankly a lot of this hate is manufactured and people are idiot sheep for playing into it. Of all the posters on this board that do not like the graphics I have yet to see one intelligent breakdown of the issues regarding the problems they claim. Why? It isn't about intelligent diagnosis, it's about having a fracking tantrum. Well boo effing hoo, wipe your nose and off to bed. Certainly none of these crybabies went hands on but instead are relying on the trailers. And as any intelligent gamer knows those can't be trusted any more than screens. It's too late to try to offer an analysis now. You should have had the maturity to do that from day one. It's just fluff if you attempt it now.

I personally didn't think that Resistance looked that good in the trailers but playing it is an entirely different matter.

Besides, Sony just walloped the hell out of everyone, EVERYONE at Gamescom. -7-8-9-10! They're OUT! And come TGS it is going to be even uglier for the competition. Naturally they have to start rebelling and counter attacking. It's like politics. if you can't run on your own record then start attacking the other guy.

As I stated previously, CoD titles have never looked great but people buy and play the hell out of them.

PoSTedUP3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

its not the graphics, its the fact that it looks like it should be for a phone rather than the vita. only 4v4 MP, psshht whudar they smokin crack...? i was so looking foward to this game and im a big cod fan. the problem is the MP, the developers, the speed, and probably the lack of features. what a freaking disappointment have they ever played a COd game b4?????

papashango3021d ago

If you get excited for potential in a video game that's published by EA or Activision.

You're gonna have a bad time.

HebrewHammer3020d ago

You can't really make that claim about EA. Activision, sure.

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supersonicjerry3021d ago

Dude this game looks horrible for Vita why would you spend money on this. It looks like it was made for the psp.

princejb1343020d ago

i agree graphics looks last gen

mafiahajeri3021d ago

Its coming under fire for good reason it looks terrible. I have learnt my lesson Im not getting excited for any VITA games unless the original Devs are on the helm. Like with GG and Killzone and UBI with AC.

Its the original devs or bust...

TheLastGuardian3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I don't expect much from CoD in terms of graphics anyway. It's the gameplay I'm worried about. I hope it turns out good but I canceled my pre-order when I found out it's being developed by Nihilstic Software. Damnit, why them of all developers?

andrewf913021d ago

When I heard that they were developing it, I sorta cringed a bit because I was excited to finally hear an announcement at E3 and hoped to see great results when the trailer released. But I have mixed emotions towards this. Just looking forward to seeing more and learning more about it. Also hoping, it changes just a bit before launch.

Agheil3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

BEND STUDIOS should have developed the R:BS on Vita. Resistance Retribution was one of my favourite games on the PSP!

Sanquine903021d ago

You sir are briljant. Sony should listen to this guy ( also activision)

kornbeaner3021d ago

I would agree with you on a graphical stand point. But Bend's story telling is pretty bad.
Golden Abyss dragged on for way to long and story was usually pretty flat.

Agheil3021d ago

@Kornbeaner U:GA had great gameplay and stellar graphics but I was referring to Resistance retribution which had great graphics (for psp), excellent gameplay, and one of my favourite stories in the resistance series. For me, they pulled off a solid story on that game.

Muigi3021d ago

Yeah lets all get excited for some intense 4v4 action!

xAlmostPro3021d ago

I don't think there's much 'potential' in 4vs4 multiplayer, no nazi zombies, a rehash of the old blops(not the the latest one to come), and graphics that would be 'good' on the original PSP..

Paint me as a hater, i don't mind. It's just a missed chance in my eyes.

I won't even blame it all on COD or the developers, it's Sony too. This could have been a big seller(might still be, but not respectable).

Medal of honour heroes for the PSP had 16vs16 multiplayer.

The Vita is meant to be(actually is) far superior. So far the games(excluding a few) have been underwhelming and when the big titles start dropping, they should be up to the standard we all expected. The gameplay, the prices, the graphics, all of it.

Killzone looks fantastic and might be amazing to play, it wont do favours in the sales department in comparison to these multi-plat titles though.

I really did think when i got the Vita, it would have it's exclusives but when it came to multi-plats it would be the same versions as the consoles just scaled down. Not spin offs like this used to gain a quick buck.

Muffins12233021d ago

Dude,ive seen cellphone games that look better than this CMON

showtimefolks3020d ago

killzone looked much better and COD is being developed by same developers who made resistance for Vita so we have every right to be skeptical

but let's see i hope they prove us wrong and this turns out to be a awesome game. IUf it was up to sony on who made COD i wished they chose or asked activision to choose another developer

joab7773020d ago

I hope Sony didn't simply make some deal with activation to push some 3rd rate game out just to sell hardware. This game could be huge for PlayStation and the vital in so many respects. It could get Xbox fans to buy a vita. It could prove why mobile gaming is better on PlayStation than apple. And it could simply sell a ton of vitas and be a great revenue source. Don't let this ship if it's shoddy because if cod is bad, no one will buy an fps again and many Xbox fans and online ps3 fps fans will shut the door for good. This is a huge risk/reward scenario. And I hope there is an incentive for gamers to buy blops2 on ps3 and vita together.

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units3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

A bit? try god awful

Nitrowolf23021d ago

I change my mind
this looks worse than Burning Skies (the devs last Vita game)
God a studio over at Activision should be handling this, not some random independent studio

starman3021d ago

Exactly, if Sony had to pay for the entire development of CoD Vita, they should have had a development studio with experience and talent for this crucial release. Did Sony learn nothing from the poorly received Resistance Burning Skies?

maniacmayhem3021d ago

That's god awful!? It looks pretty damn good to me.

MetalProxy3021d ago

I think it looks good also and when its in my hands playing it, I will be enjoying it Iam sure. Its on a sony product so its gonna get hate most of the time anyways. Plus people have nextgenanitus, so they are expecting way to much.

bigcupofSTFU3021d ago

nihilistic ruined resistance burning skies. 4v4 was terrible AND extremely laggy according to my friends who purchased the game. and refused to purchase another resistance game (like myself they are/new to the resistance franchise)

of course i explained to them that the original Resistance guys had nothing to do with it,

i personally do not like COD,but it DESERVES better DEVELOPERS, i really hope nihilistic gets fired and some other dev takes over

Soldierone3021d ago

It was extremely laggy. Like beginning of this generation laggy, which has people worried about what the Vita can handle. However I think its just rushed and poor coding that forced it....PSP could handle much more and had less than half the power....look at Medal of Honor. Plus Resistance was filled with glitches and hacks within a day of releasing.

With that being said EA could take this and run with it. Throw a better Medal of Honor to show how terrible THIS COD is and tie some marketing with it.

chasegarcia3021d ago

ea made madden 13 run like butt on vita. not going to happen.

Sanquine903021d ago

Ea> Need for speed developer says the vita is the same like ps3 and xbox;)

mrbojingles3021d ago

Hands on have already revealed these "New maps" in the trailer are simply smaller, reworked maps from Black Ops. Very disappointing

majiebeast3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I think tis better to wait for kz merc's which is made by GG and looks about 10 times better then this.

Sony should never hire Nihilistic again 3 strikes out first it was move heroes then resi burning skies and now cod vita. They gave them enough chances to prove themselves they are just bad developers.