Testing a new 65nm Xbox 360 in a laptop configuration

For the last year or so talk of the new, fabled 65nm Xbox 360's have circulated the interwebs. Now - in this brave year 2008 - I have installed one of these newer 360's in a laptop-type environment, to replace a Zephyr Elite I had been using.

The hottest visible spot on these heatsinks is an area I like to call the "crotch" - where the [GPU] heatpipe emerges from the base of the 'sink'. Anyway, word on the street is that the GPU remains 90nm, and this seems to be the case. At peak it was reading about 140 degrees, which is in line with the Elite Zephyr MB. So in this laptop I think I'd like to shore up the cooling for the GPU more than the CPU because ... the CPU runs a lot cooler than it used to. Even after 30 minutes the crotch of my "super copper heatsink" only got to about 110 degrees. This is in contrast to the Zephyr which easily got up to the 150's at this same spot, with the same heatsink.

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whengeeksgobad4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

supposedly the newer smaller gpu will be out sometimes this spring/summer, which should make the 360 a much quieter console.

Lord Cheese4372d ago

in my experience, a lot more of the sound comes from the dvd drive spinning, as opposed to anything else. Its very quiet when playing an xbla game, for instance.

mintaro4372d ago

i think the new name for the smaller gpu is codenamed jade

Rice4372d ago

true, most of the sound does come from the dvd drive. I want to see how the smaller gpu will do.

whengeeksgobad4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

@ lord cheese: I watch a lot of movies off of a 1 TB mybook hooked up to the 360, and after an hour or so of operation I can still hear it - yes the drive is loud, but I am hearing the cooling fans. It's quieter than the zephyr (I've owned both) but it is still loud for a media center device IMO.

@minataro: iirc the code name for the new 360 @ 65nm cpu/gpu is jasper.

mintaro4372d ago

my bad, thanks for the info

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kewlkat0074372d ago

can you replace the DVD-Drive with a more silent one? of some of the Fans?

whengeeksgobad4372d ago

there isn't a way that I'm aware of to replace the drive, however certain "mods" which can be performed if you are willing to *void your warranty* which will allow you to flash your existing drive with a firmware that may spin more quietly/slowly. fwiw it does help but its at a cost.