Daily Reaction: What Will PS Mobile Mean for Sony, Vita and Android?

Daily Reaction discusses the potential of PlayStation's PS Mobile and what it means for Sony, Vita and the Android ecosystem. - PSLS

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MultiConsoleGamer2255d ago

Covering all bases is always a good idea.

Some great content in this article. Nice work.

sinncross2255d ago

One thing that can really help Sony is getting Samsumg as a partner for this. Mobile gaming is huge in South Korea (from what I gathered going to Seoul on 2 different vacations).

That could actually be good for them even software wise because devs there might even adopt the service (in conjunction with already established mobile gaming development).

Foolsjoker2255d ago

Having as many backers would be great way for PS Mobile to become standard. Something that Android needs is standardization, so hopefully Sony can rise to the challenge.

doctorstrange2255d ago

As an app, music and web device (I'm sure this'll get me disagrees), but this has me wanting an android phone with PS Mobile.

Keeping an eye on this.

jujubee882255d ago

I am pretty much guaranteeing this. Once that happens, the Nexus line will be Playstation Certified to play 100% of the PSM titles and the spreading of the content and partners WILL increase.

The biggest reason I am confident about PSM reaching the top of Google is the fact that the process of making a successful game on Android is complicated for lots of reasons. With the Playstation ecosystem, it really streamlines and provides great QA to the mobile content, something Google can easily get behind since (after all) Android is the OS behind the PSM games.

SCE just need to be a little patient, get those trophies in, make sure that there will be f2p games soon, and try not to piss off the wrong developers used to open platforms like iOS and PC.

doctorstrange2255d ago

@jujubee88 If so, that'd be huge, but I don't see Google giving money to Sony when they already have their own platform.

DA_SHREDDER2255d ago

Oh god no not samsung. LG, or Ultra-D, either way at least it can do PS Suite and google internet.

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dbjj120882255d ago

Agreed. Very well rounded editorial.

ddurand12255d ago

i wish my vita ran android.

doctorstrange2255d ago

This'll hopefully be close enough

dboyman2255d ago

I think he means running NON gaming Android apps...

Foolsjoker2255d ago

Well, maybe Sony will find a way with PS Mobile to bring over things from Android.

LongTimeNoSeeN4g2255d ago

This will change nothing. People who are into iphones and droids will continue to be into those. Don't believe me? Tomorrow walk around and ask random people whether they are going to buy the PS mobile. I bet you 90% wont know what the hell it is. That's just the society we have. No one cares. they're too latched onto their current brands to move on. The only people I see buying the PS mobile are the hardcore fans. Nonetheless I applaud Sony. The have a knack of trying ballsy moves regardless of how obviously bad it is. Not bad for them of course. Higher price tags can always make up for a bad move. *looks at 2006 launch.

doctorstrange2255d ago

It's not a Mobile PS, it's a platform on android devices. A lot of those people with droids will be able to make use of it.

Soldierone2255d ago

It brides all their products together and makes an exclusive group. no one knows because its not out yet, and there is no marketing for it yet. When Sony starts putting "PlayStation Mobile" on things, on signs in stores, etc...then people will take notice.

No Iphone and droid people won't switch, but its good for everyone else. The only people hating it are Verizon Apple advertisers and the people listening to their bs about smartphones. When I purchased my Xperia I had to tell the Verizon lady "NO! i don't want an Iphone" like 10 times....

Soldierone2255d ago

It opens the doors for indie developers to hit PSN and all kinds of devices at the same time. That in itself is absolutely awesome! I hope it expands over time to keep PSN full of indie titles and I'm not talking about mini's.....

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