Far Cry 2: 2 Video Interviews from Gamespot

Here are 2 video interviews from Gamespot concerning the development of Far Cry 2.

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Dark_Vendetta4372d ago

Unfortunatly I dont have sound on my current PC. Can somebody tell me if he mentioned the ps3/360 version?

Kleptic4372d ago

sort of...

the first video made some cool points on how they went about creating the game's engine...stating that development needed to heavily focus on multi-core processing, as apposed the old adage of simply having more ram to create the game...the processing power of more modern processors allowed fully dynamic...everything basically...

he said they were focusing mostly on the PC game at first, but the console developers broke news around september that they were able to get nearly everything running on 'consoles' as gimped the console versions end up is still anyones guess...but the fact that he stated that the main focus for optimization was processing power and not huge banks of memory...that leaves good news for the two consoles...both are relatively weak on memory, but both have significant processing power; the PS3 for that matter having more than pretty much any PC available now...they should be able to get them to do some cool stuff...

narked4372d ago

omg this game is gonna be freaking awesome :D ye he did mention both 360 and PS3 :) i'll be playing it on pc though, don't have consoles.

no_more_heroes4372d ago

...that's all I'm gonna say (can't even type his name). Anyway, never really cared about Far Cry but I have a feeling I might need to check this one out.

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