New Super Smash Bros Brawl trailers

Released today in Japan, Nintendo published new Super Smash Bros. Brawl trailers. Enjoy.

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Iron Man 24378d ago

TBH this is the only reason why I will be picking up a Nintendo Wii

It looks good I can't wait!;)

leon764378d ago

The only reason to own a wii is Metroid, nothing much...So it's a waste of money!!!

vloeistof4378d ago

i wanna play this game but i will have to buy a wii for it mhhh

M_Prime4378d ago

i had mind paid for since last april, so finally mu money is gonna show me what its worth :-)

Rice4378d ago

This game is gonna be awesome... All my friends loved Super smash bros melee, sometimes they would practice for too bad i dont own a wii :(

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