Sony's Gamescom: A brave new rush of support for Vita

CVG - It was Phil Harrison who, during the launch of the PS3, famously said that it is not killer games that sell new consoles, but killer catalogues.

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LackTrue4K2253d ago

sony has been pushing hard this week!

guitarded772252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

That just sounds dirty.

On Topic: Sony did have an amazing GamesCom. My Vita keeps asking me "Dad, when are we gonna get System Software Update v1.80?", and I have to say "Just a little longer son". Sorry, I'm on pain meds today :D

Can't wait for Killzone on Vita!!!

Protagonist2252d ago

Killzone, LBP, PS4: The Golden. Assasins, Battle Royal, ...I´m going to be ruined.

stephmhishot2252d ago

Hard to believe that the media can even find a way to spin negatives about cross buy. Yeah, right now only a fraction of PS3 owners have a Vita, but CHRIST, the cross buy is an additional incentive to get a Vita since you can get "free" games for it when you buy the title for PS3.

If Sony was trying to double dip on sales, everyone would be going nuts that they are screwing over the consumer. They're doing the opposite and people complain that it only benefits a few people anyway. Jeez, tough crowd.

auen12252d ago

never underestimate the lengths haters will go in order to hate.

hot4play2252d ago

^ So true.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, i have to say this again: Why are headlines here on N4G dominated by doom articles and opinion pieces against Sony? Where are the worthwhile news like game trailers and previews?

We should be seeing the KILLZONE MERCENARY and TEARAWAY trailers up on the Vita front page instead of these same doom/hate articles that keep popping up.

Envy can be a powerful motive to hate...

DivineAssault 2252d ago

i think its a great idea too.. However Sony isnt stupid.. They know that with ps1 support as well as cross game buys that ppl will need to buy more expensive memory cards.. I have no problem with it but it really kills me that ima have to cough up almost $100 for a 32GB card soon... Itl be worth it in the long run i guess but ill be pissed if they drop the price on em right after i buy it..

Lol_Lmao2252d ago

The future is looking very bright for the Vita. Too bad COD doesn't look too good. The 4v4 is disappointing.

Protagonist2252d ago

COD still going to sell though.

Half-Mafia2252d ago

I think I saw more Vita games at E3 then Gamescom. Its like if you dont have the games in your press conference (ie E3) then they dont exist.

Hicken2252d ago

That's exactly how it is. At least in the eyes of the majority, which seem to consist of people determined to smear Sony, and the ignorant people swayed by the efforts of the aforementioned.

I was using my Vita and the then-recently-relased nico-nico app to watch footage of games on the show floor, and saw at least a half-dozen games that weren't even covered in the press conference. Us Vita viewers- as the video was also being streamed to a monitor on-site- were asked what we wanted to see next, and the person with the demo unit would choose what most people asked for... and sometimes not. So I saw Metal Gear, Project Diva, Jet Set Radio, and others I can't recall.

But to the average person- and the haters- the only games there were the ones in the press conference. So GamesCom was better for the Vita than E3, despite having less games.

Go figure.

Protagonist2252d ago

And the catalogue just got better ;o)...

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