Grand Theft Auto is Too Big. Yakuza is Too Small. Sleeping Dogs is Just Right.

Kotaku - Creating a compelling and enjoyable open world experience is more than just giving the player as much real estate technologically possible to play in. It's a delicate balancing act between character and scale. Somewhere between Grand Theft Auto's size and Yakuza's personality lies Sleeping Dogs.

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Parappa2257d ago

Grand Theft Auto is too big?

Oh...Kotaku. I was wondering why I read something so retarded.

Moby-Royale2257d ago


Lok the real question is why do they insist on this type of writing in the first place?


Ot: I will definitely be picking this up new on African American Friday.

sypher2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

And Yakuza cant really be put into that vein of gaming. It isnt a GTA, Saints Row or Sleeping Dogs type of sandbox game. It's very much Shen-Mue like.

And it doesnt aim to be GTA either.

-Omega2257d ago

The bigger the better

I'll admit Just Cause 2 was a bit lifeless but because of the map size and massive easter eggs, the LOST island for christ sake, it was amazing.

Sleeping Dogs looks too small for theres no planes/helicopters.

If we got a game as big as Just Cause 2, where the map is full of life/detail like GTA then we would have a GOTY on our hands.

hardandsloppy2256d ago

Sleeping Dogs is actually rather big once you start playing it, I dont understand the constant criticism of it being too small.

-Omega2256d ago

because it is small compared to other map sizes. Were coming to the end of this gen were supposed to have bigger amps by now.

ProjectDeputy2256d ago

'where the map is full of life/detail like GTA"

sry woOt ???

gta a game FULL OF DETAILS and LIFE ?

are playing it on consoles ?
cause seriously while the games rocks and all details and life are not gta strong points AT ALL.

u want life details ?
check watchdogs now this i would agree

morganfell2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

It doesn't do any good to be big when your cars and motorcycles handle like crap. Sleeping Dogs is so far ahead in this arena. Though Mafia II has the best cars to date Dogs is respectable and at least I can drive a motorcycle in this game.

Sleeping Dogs has pulled together so many great elements and the game is quite remarkable.

Psychotica2257d ago

One thing I don't like is that Sleeping Dogs blocks entire areas of the island off. There are also small islands around that you can't explore at all, they have high cliff walls that can't be climbed. Nothing game breaking but not quite as open as GTA either.

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