The Disappointing Multiplayer of Black Ops Declassified

IGN - Single-player could be cool, though.

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-Mezzo-2255d ago

I didn't liked what i saw, hopefully it'll look much better before i pick up my Vita Bundle.

PoSTedUP2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

This title.

and honestly, throw the game back into development, i'll wait another 6 months for a good COD game with good MP, not this trash. the Vita already has a sick lin-up of games. the last thing sony wants is one of their biggest games to be garbage. smh.

Nimblest-Assassin2255d ago

This is going to ruin the good reputation the vita is trying to build... seriously

All the games they showed off looked great, except for this one...

It looks like a joke

Nimblest-Assassin2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Its even worse when Treyarch themselves, had no clue was making declassified

My guess is that no work was being put on the game, and nihlistic got it when it was announced

This game looks like a cheap, and rushed game... if they actually have the nerve to charge $44.99, its seriously going to screw the vitas reputation

Seriously? What happened to all the true call of duty experience stuff they said? 4v4 mp? That is a complete joke, considering psp games looked much better and could support 32 players

mafiahajeri2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

I think nihlistic (I hate their name) are single handedly going to ruin the VITA reputation.

Heartnet2254d ago

@Above Nihilistic is a sweet name :) Love the word :P


All this article said it was just the same as the old style Call of duty... and i swear not that long ago people were complaining about how CoD 4 was the only decent CoD blah blah blah...

So shouldnt you be happy?

rezzah2254d ago

You think it will look better?

These guys are better at making the game "look" good than actually being good in-game.

All or most trailers for CoDs have been improved to look more that what it is.

Kran2254d ago

Its like you're saying you're going to buy it no matter what :/

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units2255d ago

Anyone that picks this over the console or PC version needs his head examined

-Mezzo-2255d ago


What about people who have only Vita, or have a Console but want enjoy their gaming on the Go.

mafiahajeri2254d ago

Yes he obviously meant overall, also technically your laptop can be an on the go so yeah...

DarkHeroZX2255d ago

whoever buys COD in general needs a head examination. Killzone is all i want out of the two. A battlefield game would be nice as well.

sinncross2255d ago

Considering its a different game (at least story wise) I doubt anyone would choose this over the other versions when they could get both if they really enjoy COD (and the BO universe) that much.

swansong2255d ago

Well if sony wouldn't of terminated Zipper Interactive, maybe they could of done the COD.It certainly would of looked much better.

MattyG2255d ago

I'm usually not a grammar nazi, but you did it 3 times so I had to say something. It's wouldn't HAVE, could HAVE and would HAVE. No OFs!!! There, now I feel better

MySwordIsHeavenly2255d ago

Thank you. I wanted to say something.

lodossrage2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Don't take this the wrong way and this isn't directed at you.

But seriously, everyone spat on anything Zipper had done this generation. So all those fans that moaned and whined about the games Zipper put out this generation have no right to say "I wish Zipper wasn't terminated"

Because they didn't like anything Zipper did as of late anyway. And the sad part is, Zipper actually did put out good games this generation.

MySwordIsHeavenly2255d ago

Thank you. I agree. MAG was one of the best multi-player experiences I've ever had.

KeePeR_212254d ago

Really? As a guy who put years into the socom franchise i have to disagree with you. Zipper was the most lazy, disloyal, worthless devs ever. E-V-E-R! Please allow me to explain. The 1st socom was brilliant, you can tell they were young and hungry and really wanted to make their mark in gaming and it showed. Socom 2 was even better, it included every map from the 1st game as well as new maps and was a complete package. Then, zipper went to shit. First, they announce DLC as coming very soon a short while after the game was released in nov. Of 2003. Then they say the content was ready to go and they were waiting for the HDD to be released, which was released in march of 2004. So we were good to go right? Wrong, the maps came out 1 map at a time from dec. 04 to feb. 05. Thats right, 1 year for 3 maps, $100 for HDD plus $10 per issue of opm per map = $130 for 3 maps. To make matters worse, no more dlc, none of the guns, camo, or other maps they promised were released, they scrapped everything and released socom 3 in oct. 05. Long story short, same empty dlc promises scrapped with socom 3 also, instead they release the joke that was CA. It was basically socom 3 with all the dlc they promised preloaded onto the disc for full price in nov. 06, $50. Another long story short, Oct. 08 they released confrontation, 2 years for no single player, 5 maps, super dumbed down socom. Then they use the excuse that they were also secretly working on mag, lmfao......MAG!!! Again, no single player, 1 map, 256,000,000,000 players though, gj zipper. Don't let the doorknob hit ya where the good lord split ya!

WeskerChildReborned2255d ago

Is it weird that i wasn't really expecting much?

CaptCalvin2255d ago

Not at all. It's Nihilistic. What could possible go right?

XabiDaChosenOne2255d ago

LOL no.. COD on consoles already looks like a handheld title. I wasnt really expecting much from a COD title on a handheld.

MattyG2255d ago

I don't think this'll be terrible, but I'm positive it won't be a huge system seller either.

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