Penny Arcade’s Kickstarter hits one-third of its goals

The popular webcomic Penny Arcade ended its Kickstarter campaign today, earning $528,051 through the crowdfunding site.

This money will go mostly toward removing ads from the front page of Penny Arcade. While the project’s goal was technically $250,000, this only removed the top banner ad. They needed $525,000 to remove the second and last advertisement from the front page, a goal that wasn’t achieved until today.

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ChronoJoe2281d ago

Seems like greed to me. If any of their fans had a problem with it, they can add block like any sensible person. It's offensive to be asking for so much cash to take down the adds.

The sensible way to do this is to add a 'premium' membership that individuals can pay to remove adds from the site for their account. That's how sites like the whiskey media group operate. Asking for $500,000 up front to remove the web-pages top banner is insane, regardless of what your add revenue is worth it just seems like some crude get-rich quick scheme, abusing kickstarter for something that isn't in reality any sort of project that needed funding, or anything like that.

If they wanted they could have enabled donations on their site, months ago, and done this. But they've noticed how much $$$ people have been making through kickstarter and wanted to cash in without actually doing anything fresh.