Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified First Look (Prima Games)

Activision finally lifted the veil off its forthcoming PS VIta shooter. So how is it thus far?

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Bigkurz852311d ago

This is not a preview, it is an impression of the trailer. And all credibility is lost when Nihilistic is referred to as "capable hands." Did they even play resistance?

FarCryLover1822311d ago

It really looks like Nihilstic took Black Ops 1 and then put it in a blender and tried to put it back together.

Bigkurz852311d ago

I'm almost relieved that COD Vita is a pile of crap. Now I can feel better about trading in my Vita toward a 3ds XL. While clearly Vita is a superior piece of tech, its just boring the hell outta me. Being able to play ps1 games isn't exactly that killer feature...and besides the PSP could do that. Cross play / controller stuff has great potential but so far it's almost all talk.

one2thr2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

So you purchased a $250-$300+ handheld gaming console, just to play a downplayed Call of Duty game, and not for any other game(s) that were/are more than likely to play better than it, and now your thinking about trading/selling it for a something that is inferior by design?...
Be honest, do you even own a Vita really?
(I really tried to disagree with you twice, but it wouldn't work) ):):

Bigkurz852311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

Of course I didn't buy a vita for call of duty...but im just trying to hang on for ANYTHING that's ACTUALLY worth playing and keeping the system. I bought a Vita at launch based on potential. And it hasn't delivered. Uncharted was quite boring and not up to par with the other games. Resistance sucked. MLB the show was ok. The game i enjoyed the most was probably mutant blob whatever. MGS collection is decent...if i hadn't already played those games multiple times each.

Feel free to add me on vita if you don't believe I own one. PSN: BigKurz. You'll see that I'm an avid PS3 and Vita gamer. Just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't mean they don't own a system. You're just plain delusional if you can't even admit that the Vita has been a huge disappointment.

And 3ds may be "inferior by design" but it still has many more games worth playing than the Vita.

one2thr2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

I can really care less if you agree or disagree with me, but purchasing a console, for "A" game and not for the potiential games it has in store is just plan dumb and that goes for anyone... And I can tell you this that, I find the games on Vita to be more appealing than the ones on its competitions console, heck I can't see how some people of my generation 90's or even before me 89' and down can still call themselves to find pokemon interesting or even mario, heck I used to be a pokemon fanatic, I had the gold plated cards, game boards, a ton og energy cards, and decks of holo-cards, and as for mario I had mario everything from bed sheets to toothbrushes, and then even clothing... I owned every nintendo console up until GameCube, then thats when it hit me, "Nintendo isn't growing up with me any more, so its time to abandon them".... Now back on topic, THE VITA IS STILL IN ITS EARLY STAGES, EVERY CONSOLE GOES THROUGH THIS PHASE!!!!, look at how the PS3 started off this gen, and compare that time to this time?.... See the difference? And no, I can say that the only disappointing thing about the Vita so far is that I cant put my music in folders, or in a playlist, and that the browser is crappy and that I cant change my music at the lock screen.... Besides there are WAY more games on the vita than the ones that you mentioned, and thats not even including the soon to be released titles, but any who if your willing to give up on it plz go ahead, i'm pretty sure someone else will appreciate it more than you do... Heck I'lltake it, just to have two.... Ask your self this, "How many times can you honestly play mario, and pokemon?".... Zelda is the only exception in my book, I can play a legend of Zelda back to back....