Activision Pushes Timed Exclusive Content A Little Too Far

PushStartSelect: "Activision being buddies with Microsoft and selling them some timed exclusive deals is no secret, especially when it comes to Call of Duty. However I think I’ve felt it go a little too far with a recent find. When it comes to timed exclusive content I really don’t care. Don’t have the console? Well you won’t notice a difference at all, so it doesn’t really bug you. However Sony just released the Youtube App for PS3 and I was bored so I started searching random things. Then I remembered, “hey lets check out that Black Ops 2 Trailer with my speakers and big TV” and searched up the title."

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This is normal for many YouTube videos. A lot of them are blocked on non-browser-based platforms. This includes iPads and iPhones. I doubt it has anything to do with it being a Sony device. The author should have tried viewing the videos from another non-browser device to verify this rather than just going and making an inflammatory article.

forever_milan2306d ago

He said in the comments that he could watch the same video on I-pod & a smartphone.

Christopher2305d ago

You mean the comment he just made today? More than a day after he wrote the article? That's something he should have included in the article to begin with.

M1chl2306d ago

Sorry but isn't this problem, that you can't play some videos (actually many videos) on non-pc/mac-desktops? Like when you are using phone, iPad, xbox you get many times "this is not available on your device. I haven't checked the PS3 YT app, beacuase I am on vacation, so I can't confirm if its the same case.

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Well this is a firestarter article and that's all. I mean look at the new Assasin's Creed 3. The ps3 is getting completely exclusive content for that multiconsole release and we don't hear anyone harping about that do we? Sony an d Microsoft both make deals like this. Just an article trying to get hits and someone ranting because they're pissed at Microsoft. Meh. Move on.

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