Uncharted 3 Patch 1.14 & New Lab Map Is Now Live

DualShock Nexus: You can now download the patch that unlocks the new lab map along with a few more fixes.


More info on the patch has been released .

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WillGuitarGuy2281d ago

Awesome, I can't wait to try the block map.

josephps32281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Is it just me or are there anyone else out there that would have appreciated bots. I was really hoping they'd add in offline bots.

Offline bots simliar to Killzone3, Unreal Tournament etc. What ever happened to offline bots this generation? Sometimes my internet sucks and I just feel like goofing around a multiplayer game with bots. And what happens when the game gets old and the server shuts down. I can still enjoy the immensely fun multiplayer gaming aspect with my reliable bots.

I still occasionally play a quick multiplayer session with Killzone and Unreal. If Uncharted 3 had offline bots I wouldn't have sold it and kept it in my collection.

tack1292280d ago

Bots would have definitely made things more awesome for UC3 and increased replay value. I agree with you there.

tack1292280d ago

New map AND they nerfed the M9 RoF mod. That's awesome.

Sizzon2280d ago

Awesome patch, gonna start my road to the fifth legacy now :D

thanks naughty dog!