League Of Legends And StarCraft II Could Become Olympic Sports As Early As 2020 Summer Games

The world is still celebrating what has universally been considered a very positive London 2012 Summer Games. With the closing ceremonies leaving a last impression on a global audience, the focus has shifted to Rio 2016. Those Olympic Games won’t feature American swimmer Michael Phelps, who will likely remain the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time for quite some time.

While Phelps has said he’s retired from swimming, could he return one day as a professional gamer? Well, probably not. While the athlete has said he enjoys playing Call of Duty for as many as 30 hours a week, he also said he gets his butt kicked by gamers online. But eSports could become an Olympic Sport as early as the 2020 Summer Games.

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majiebeast2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Fuck no! Whats next flip cup and dodgeball? Add more sports like Bmx and mountain biking. All the Olympians would do a collective facepalm same as when they added horsy dancing.

PoSTedUP2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

1) that's what i Thought the title said...
2) how could you or anyone else on this site Not love this? screw morals, i'm a gamer.
3) f*** yeah!
4) this is something that would happen if i ruled the world...
5) wait, no, only four..

hazelamy2280d ago

horsey dancing, such an accurate description. ^_^

Baka-akaB2280d ago

E-sports should get respect , but never mixed with physical sports .

If stuff like chess were kept separate , no reason for e-sports (beyond greed and lust for that goldmine) to be included in olympics

Capt-FuzzyPants2280d ago

Your exactly right. It just doesn't belong in the Olympics. The Olympics should be all about athletic ability. I can't think of something in the Olympics that isn't very athletic. Playing LoL or Starcraft doesn't take much effort on the physical side of things. I'm a gamer and think E-Sports are coll and all, but I'd be pissed if they were in the Olympics because I respect the amount of time and sacrifice those athletes give every day to their sports.

bayport2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

While I could be wrong, I feel as though League of Legends and Starcraft II (just as examples) won't be as popular in 8 years as they are now. Let alone popular enough to gain a seat in the olympic games.

Who knows what is going to be popular in gaming 8 years from now...It isn't often that a game has the longevity of a Diablo 2 or Counterstrike.

But to be fair, there have been some events in the Olympics that just make you wonder how it ever got a competitive following.

karlowma2280d ago

Sure, right after hot dog eating and sex.

hazelamy2280d ago

i can't see those kind of games ever making it to the olympics, there has to be some athletic element to it to make it in surely.

maybe those dance games could feature at a pinch as they seem pretty energetic, but not a game where you sit playing with a joypad or a keyboard and mouse.