Alleged PSN Hack Is Completely Fake, No Information Compromised

We can confirm that the recent claim that PSN was illegally hacked & that customer PWs and email addresses were accessed is completely false.

- @PlayStation

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Metal-X2254d ago

LOL, it'll be a long time before PSN gets hacked again, Sony have it locked down tight.
OFF TOPIC: I've seen a few N4G members with spaces in their usernames but i wasn't allowed to do it myself.
Does anyone know how it's done? I don't want my username to be one word.

ALLWRONG2254d ago

"it'll be a long time before PSN gets hacked again"

LOL @ "again"

Hicken2254d ago

... how do you still have more than one bubble? All your comments amount to little more than this one.

Seriously, how are you avoiding losing your bubbles?

GoldenAge2254d ago

People with spaces on their names signed on before 2010 or 2011. All I know is before they updated this site you could put spaces when making your username, back during the time when the word "nasim" was auto-censored.

Metal-X2254d ago

Thanks for the info, +1.

MrAnderson2254d ago ShowReplies(2)
Acquiescence2254d ago

and thought that maybe spreading some false rumours to try and tarnish their reputation would rain on their parade.

It didn't work.

vividi2254d ago

yeah, see the pattern, awesome show , MS absent and the next day a rumor that the psn was hack, this smell fishy

ChunkyLover532254d ago

Its such a illusion to believe that it had anything to do with Microsoft or Nintendo not being at the show yesterday.

Why do people concoct such outlandish rumors and conspiracy theories? This had nothing to do with Microsoft or Nintendo, it has everything to do with bad journalism.

Catoplepas2254d ago


He wasn't implying it was literally the work of MS and Nintendo, rather their thralls.

i.e people just like you. You can't exclusively blamed bad journalism, when you went out of your way to propagate it.

Don't insult my intelligence with your claims of impartiality either.

CernaML2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

"This had nothing to do with Microsoft or Nintendo"

It doesn't need to involve them.. jlet their rabid fanboys do the work.

smashcrashbash2254d ago

Agreed. People start saying Sony did good at Gamescom and it sounded too positive, so they decided to spread some awful rumors to drag out some more hate for them and tried to dredge up the first hack again.Pathetic

Catoplepas2254d ago

In essence, yeah.

It was a poor attempt at damage control.

LackTrue4K2254d ago


"SONY JUST ADDED A TON OFF FREE GREAT GAMES TO ITS PLUS MEMBERS, now back to your regular Microsoft trolling news"

ChunkyLover532254d ago


You caught me, I'm the hacker. I actually don't even own a PS3 or any Sony products. Its all a big conspiracy and the media and everyone outside of N4G is totally gunning for Sony.

Hope sarcasm doesn't insult your supposed "intelligence" too.

Catoplepas2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

What hacker? Are you actually starting to believe the drivel you spread?

It was a hoax sweetheart, there was no "hack".

What I was implying, as you very well know, is that you're very quick to blame "bad journalism" for something you helped to spread.

The story was fabricated by someone who wished to shine a bad light on Sony. We both know this is the case. And we both know why you submitted the story. Because you wished the same thing.

Now, I didn't say you didn't own any Sony products did I? Nor did I spout some tinfoil hat nonsense. I implied you were biased.

Which you are.

Feel free to reply with another sarcastic non-sequitur rant. I probably won't read it.

ChunkyLover532254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

Basically what you are saying is that since I was the one who saw the story on my Twitter feed first, and put it up here, I'm to blame for bad journalism?

Get over yourself, you don't know me, you have no clue about what I'm about or what I think. If you think people, professional journalists actually carry some sort of hate or vendetta towards Sony, you need to stop living in the X-Files. The truth isn't out there my ignorant friend.

I'm positive you will read this "rant", simply because I know your type. Your the type that fits in well here at N4G with all your propaganda and hate mongering. If someone isn't kissing Sony's ass, they must hate Sony right?

As for me being biased, as I said earlier, you know nothing about me, you assume something, and you know what happens when ignorant people ASSUme.

The funniest part of you calling me biased, was looking at your comment history. Everything is pro Sony. Pot, meet Mr.Kettle.

Reverent2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

Being pro Sony isn't at all the same as being biased.

The definition of being biased is to show favor over one thing versus another in an UNFAIR manner.

After reading through Catoplepas' comment history, he seems to be perfectly fair in describing why he likes Sony more.

Catoplepas isn't without wrong here either though so don't get me wrong in that. I've read plenty of your comments before, I know you prefer Xbox, but as far as I've seen from you, I wouldn't label you as biased either.

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Neko_Mega2254d ago

Anyone that believe it was true was a fool, you click on the link and the user names aren't even names.

So yeah, this little kid dream of making a name for himself. To bad he fail.

andrewsqual2254d ago

Yeah we knew this over a year now. Oh I'm sorry I thought they were talking about the "hack" last year when the whole system was compromised and Sony had to ditch their entire redeem code system because it was all "hacked". Oh wait no it fucking wasn't.

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