Halo 4 Specialisation Weapon Skins Revealed

343industries have just unveiled the first three weapons skins we will be able to unlock through Halo 4 specialisations.

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Red952259d ago

Meh. I couldn't care less about gun skins. Or armor skins for that matter. If I wanted skins, I'd play CoD.

h311rais3r2259d ago

Cod didn't invent weapon skins young sir.

Shadonic2259d ago

Thank you gimme a hug dude I finally found someone with a mind not blinded by cod.

dexter116282259d ago

wait wait wait, was that a new promethean weapon?

Asthenos2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

No that's like the new plasma rifle, I can't think of the name though, I think the Storm Rifle? idk but it's definitely Covenant

EDIT: Or maybe it's the Carbine like from Halo 3, but I'm pretty sure it's the Storm Rifle

dexter116282259d ago

looked up the Halo 4 Storm Rifle and the Halo 4 Carbine
The weapon looks very angular, so I would say its Forerunner

TotalSynthesisX2259d ago

I think it's the Light Rifle. Definitely Promethean.

m232259d ago

It's called a "Suppressor", probably Promethean weapon. Info is up on Waypoint website.