How Sony Won Gamescom Before It Even Started, And Why It Makes Microsoft’s Absence So Much Worse

IGN- Microsoft should be afraid of Sony. Before the PlayStation publisher’s pre-Gamescom press conference this week, Sony’s foreseeable software future seemed weak. The PlayStation Vita seemed only to have a handful of promising titles for the remainder of 2012 – LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, a Call of Duty game we knew next to nothing about, a Persona 4 remake, and a poorly timed Assassin’s Creed tie-in were the PlayStation brand’s best and brightest.

But after displaying a strong lineup of exclusive games on both PlayStation platforms, a brilliant new business strategy, and confidence in risky game ideas, Sony’s future couldn’t look better than it does now.

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Godmars2903082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

The funny/ironic thing is, MS and Sony have semi-changed roles. Where Sony introduced the PS3 as a media hub, MS have pretty much stolen the title away from them. It doesn't matter that the PS3 has more access to content in general, better presentation and organization has put the 360 in the lead as far as the news sites and the US market is concerned.

And yet where Sony appears to be playing catchup on one front, more and more they're dominating as far as games go. Though again MS makes the better show with Halo, Gears and COD. They in fact didn't go to Gamescon because they didn't have anything to show, but that is still hardly going to matter when Halo 4 launches.

thebudgetgamer3082d ago

You think the perception of more content is better than actually having more content?

alien6263082d ago

Sony this year is all about family games. They bring out a lot of games with family orientated. Next year is when a lot of good games will come out for example Beyond, God of war, Last of Us, etc.

xAlmostPro3082d ago

@Alien26 Vita and fun games, is how i'd say sony is playing this year. There's still plenty of 'hardcore' IPs i haven't played yet and even more coming next year like you said.

That's how it's done, you can release family games all you want if there's still content for the hardcore guys

darthv723082d ago

what to think of this gamecom. Its as if Sony feels compelled to show off a bunch of stuff to make them appear relevant. They are relevant without a doubt but it gives the impression that if they didnt then the public opinion would waver even more.

Honestly, that isnt the case. Sony has made a solid name for themselves and the playstation brand. The absence of MS could be viewed as they dont have anything to show OR they have a huge announcement waiting to happen and gamescom isnt the venue for it.

Like the saying goes. You have to be wary of the quiet type. I kind of like their approach. It as if they are baiting sony to reveal and reveal and reveal to the point where they wont have any surprises when the time is right.

All speculation aside, sony has a good list of games coming for the ps3 and vita platforms. The more they reveal the better I feel about an investment such as their platforms.

Christopher3082d ago

@darthv72: Sony has more to lose in Europe than MS or Nintendo. If they lose their foothold in Europe by not showing off new games at one of their biggest events, they will feel its effects more.

When you're in last place, you have to put more out there to get out of it than the others do to keep it.

nukeitall3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )


I think MS is shifting gears into full force on next generation. Halo 4 and Gears of War: Judgement will be the last big "exclusive" games on Xbox 360.


I think Nintendo actually has the most to loose, due to marketshare and how MS is grabbing onto casuals while Sony more onto hardcore.

However, Sony's strength is Europe (which is a close race with MS with advantage to Sony) and Japan so in a sense they have far more to loose than MS.

"When you're in last place, you have to put more out there to get out of it than the others do to keep it."

It's not like Sony is a distant third, they are really sharing a spot with MS.


I can't help but feel MS is better at doing things right, not just half ass it like Sony. A lot of stuff Sony puts out isn't user friendly like their browser. It's terrible and crashes all the time.

With the games, it is very nice, but it doesn't have the same wide appeal. Certain games was hyped to oblivion, but didn't deliver while the competition zooms by Sony.

sikbeta3082d ago

"How Sony Won Gamescom Before It Even Started?"

No one else was there besides Sony... trolololololol XD

Really nice conference, but don't go overboard with it...

badz1493081d ago

even with MS attending, do you think they have a chance of bettering Sony? there's no way it could happen with what they have at the moment, which they showed already during E3! MS is there or not, they are not gonna beat Sony!

Mike_Tha_Hero3081d ago

Ikr, guy is a genuine, brainwashed fool.

tokugawa3081d ago

hmmm or perhaps sony felt that they had to pull out all the stops, because the ps4 WONT be launching in 2013.

with sony launching new ips instead concentrating on the next gen, it makes me think that they are not ready for it. i could be wrong...?

if this is the case and both nintendo and microsoft launch next year, it could well be a catastrophe for sony.

only time will tell

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abzdine3082d ago ShowReplies(1)
Blankman853082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Everything you said makes sense on its own. But put together like how you did just made my brain hurt. I don't know why.
Yes, roles have switched, but for some reason Microsoft have kept their money maker role and SONY have stuck to their money bleeding ways.

jukins3082d ago

microsoft lost money too this quarter. Funny how people look over that. Of course it wasnt as much as sony but still. Just like sony a few years ago when they had they had their first loss in over a decade microsoft is going through the same thing. although i doubt it will last long as sony's losses mainly because a new version is coming out.

Godmars2903082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Might have to do with giving a backhanded compliment to MS and admitting that most game sites have shown an open bias against the PS3 since its launch.

Blu-ray is wholly worthless, but the 360's HD-DVD add-on will win the market. The PS3 has had a browser almost since its release if not day one which have only gotten complaints, while the mere mention of the 360 finally getting one becomes a game changer. Nevermind that it wont play flash.

More of the reason this and my other comment make your head hurt is the pure and simple fact that the whole of this console generation has been one big mess. One that has called for loyalty and fanaticism while offering no real reward for such. Just more mess.

I certainly don't think such, but that doesn't change the fact that people pay for XBL to then pay for Hulu and Netflix.

You people do know that I'm a PS3-only owner, right?

Edward753082d ago

@ jukins

that was not real money lost this quarter, it was a write down from a bad deal that had to finally be wrote down on the books. MS made profit that quarter. I'll send you the link to explain it if you need to understand. Posting that "loss" was just a paper loss, many people don't understand it. While on Sony's side it was true money loss.

I'll put it in now in hopes people understand what happened. REALLY...

shoddy3082d ago

I see MS make load of money yet they barely give thier fans anything free.

At least Sony still give free online and shit load of games even though they are loosing money.

Skizelli3082d ago

When has loyalty and fanaticism ever been rewarding? Great games aren't limited to one platform. They never have been. When you limit yourself to one platform, the only person you hurt is you.

nukeitall3081d ago


One only wants to see and hear what wants to see.

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Irishguy953082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Yeah reversed roles, huhu, the fanboy arguments shifted entirely since 06. Back in the day 360 fanboys ran rampant on this site. Couldn't mention Ps3 without a slur of disagrees and maybe a bubble down.

Honestly, it's pretty sickening that MS are wining on a business end of things and sony are falling into a ****er, they really are quite **** these days when it comes to gaming.

palaeomerus3082d ago

Sony spent too much of this generation being overpriced and unimpressive. They tried to live on their PS2 and PSX success and they lost a lot of ground and their fans, pretending Sony could do no wrong, haven't helped matters either.

_-EDMIX-_3082d ago ShowReplies(3)
VanillaBear3082d ago ShowReplies(6)
geddesmond3082d ago

It pissed me off. All I'm seeing is a whole bunch of family games from Sony meaning the only decent exclusives we'll see from Sony next year is The last of us, gow3 and beyond. They are doing what MS did last year, drop the ball on its gamers. One or 2 family games mixed with a half dozen or so hardcore would be great but no uts 2 or 3 hardcore mixed with 8 or 9 kids games. If thats the directions sonys going I ain't moving on to PS4

BitbyDeath3082d ago

Wait til TGS you'll get more announcements then

Christopher3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

***It's not like Sony is a distant third, they are really sharing a spot with MS.***

In the eyes of the media-run world, it doesn't matter how far behind you are, you're losing the race. Kind of like how no one cares how close the guy game in 4th place, he didn't earn a medal. Of course, to be honest, many people only care about who earned a gold in this day and age now because of how the media focuses on them over those who came in second and third.

BitbyDeath3082d ago

Even when Sony beat MS we'll still see a ton of articles how MS is beating them in America. And of course leave out mention of it being US in the headline.

ConstipatedGorilla3082d ago

I agree. Sony can bring out as many exclusives as they want, it's not going to matter. The media treats the 360 as the lead console and that's not going to change this generation. I know one person that owns a PS3, that's it. I offered to get my brother one a last Christmas and he didn't even want it. In America, the majority isn't too interested.

Jihaad_cpt3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

you must know a very little people mate. Also good thing I dont live in America

Nathaniel_Drake3082d ago

The media??? You mean America right? The playstation is kicking butt everywhere else which is helping its worldwide numbers. I swear when is America being the world going to stop. Oh and I know more than 20 people that have a PS3 and other people who switched because of the crappy pay logic of MS so I guess the PS3 is back to being popular again, that's a very weak argument.

poolsharky273081d ago

Out of my 10 close friends 3 have PS3's, and 1 has had four 360's(2 RROD'd/dead, He couldnt send them in for repair since he mod's his boxes).

Which is kind of funny, despite more of my friends having ps3's, MS made more money and sold more 360s.

ConstipatedGorilla3081d ago

Well I don't care how they're doing outside of the US. I live in the US and I can tell you that many of my friends have 360s and I barely hear a damn thing about the PS3 unless I come onto this site.

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stuna13082d ago

The truth of the matter is microsoft doesn't feel like they've lost anything! Because when all is said and done, the same supporters that support them will continue to support them! The same people who are avid Halo & Gears gamers will continually recieve what it is they want from their console of choice.

Only when the xbox 360 fanbase decides that they are no longer interested in what microsoft has to offer will microsoft truly have lost anything ! This is coming from an avid playstation supporter.

Even I know that all three consoles have something that will appeal to someone.

ZombieKiller3082d ago

Better presentation and organization?! Is that why they changed the dashboard, what 3 times now? My XMB remains as an enhanced version of it's original. No re-design, just added features. See Playstation GIVES us stuff, Microsoft waives a shiny object in front of our faces to distract us from the money they take. Did you ask for a re-design? Or even Kinect? No, you asked for a gaming system.
It went from hardcore gamers, to completely focusing on casuals. Because COD showed it that "casual is where the money is at" HAH OK!
To me, that's the same thing that DmC is doing. Ignoring it's fan base, to attract more attention.
"Hey, you nerds are not cool enough for me anymore, so I'm going to go hang with the popular kids now"

Hardly going to matter because of Halo? All you guys ever look forward to is Halo. You are right, it does not matter to us PS3 gamers. At this point, after all we have seen on PS3, Halo is "just another game" to us and another excuse for blind robots to say M$ is number 1. But that's because we don't only have 1 game to look forward to the whole year. Sorry, 2 games, I forgot COD was annual.

Gazondaily3082d ago

Hold on, you're critiquing changes made to the dashboard? It's constantly changing because, unlike XMB, it's actually constantly evolving. Are you really saying that XMB doesn't need to change at all? You really think its perfect?

And the way you try to show indifference to Halo, a franchise that practically made the original Xbox a success, without which we wouldn't even have a 360. Halo isnt a game you scoff at.

This fall, we have just as many great core games and third person titles as anyone else. Oh and please don't pretend that PS3 gamers don't buy COD. Let's not quote sale figures for the PS shall we?

Many of us way prefer Xbox Live and the dashboard. You may not think reasons such as a faster more intuitive interface that actually enables you to communicate with friends beyond sending mere text messages are adequate enough but then that says more about you than anyone else.

Brosy3081d ago

@ cgoodno
You have wet through this story flagging Xbox fans as trolling, but no sony fans. This guy Zombiekiller is trolling! Are you so blinded by your own bias that you cant see that? I'm going to start calling you out, because you let the sony fanatics run the roost. What are we xbox fans supposed to think about you?

JellyJelly3081d ago

@Brosy - He's probably gonna ban you for that. But you are right, cgoodno is a PS3 fanboy and usually lets comments pass as long as they are pro Sony.

chaos-lockheart3082d ago

is that all gears and halo people keep talking about, it sounds like thats the only 2 games the 360 have

ZombieKiller3080d ago

@ Septic

Yeah it says alot about thing being that first of all, MP gaming is not the "be all end all" for me. They didn't rearrange the dashboard to make it more efficient. They TOLD you that and you believed them. The original dash was FINE.
I am one of those people that play COD. I play it on both systems too. halo IS a game that I scoff at. Why? Because I've played every Halo and compared to a lot of other games, it's a bit underwhelming for me.
@Brosy No beanbag, if I was trolling, I would just say PSN is better without reason. I have good reason for my opinions and included them in that comment. I will agree, I am a Sony fanatic, but I DO have a 360 and DO believe that it's better in certain ways. Am I not stating truth when I say MS went from hardcore to casual? Am I not stating that the dash was changed 3 times now? Or what about the plain fact that we pay $50 a year and the STILL advertize to us. I don't like flicking thru my dashboard and seeing videos that don't have to do with gaming or movies in my face.
Ok, I got a lil' sarcasm in there, but that's the way I talk when I hear "certain so-called gamers" spewing shit about their product being "better' without rhyme or reason.

ALLWRONG3082d ago

The 360 was a media hub the day it launched with streaming video. I think you got your wishes and facts mixed up.

BrianC62343082d ago

Halo 4? Boooooring. It's time for gamers to see the more interesting games are on the PS3. Are US gamers really this boring that most care more about another Halo game? I sure don't. I played the first two Halo games and that was enough. I'll never understand what gamers see in that series.

Skizelli3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I can tell you why. Most fans of the series played Halo: CE over LAN with their friends. If you've never been to a Halo LAN party, then you wouldn't understand what the fuss is about.

I was an Xbox hater before I ever touched Halo. In fact, I thought it was a rip-off of Doom. I despised it. Then I actually played it one day when a friend brought his Xbox over to my house. It was then when I realized how wrong I was.

The LAN parties became a regular thing within my group of friends. Just how big was the group? 3 Xboxes. Our numbers actually exceeded 12, but the number of TVs were limited.

There's better games, sure. But like music, whether it's relevant or not is subjective. Just because you don't think it's a good game doesn't make it so.

(And way to judge a game when it's not even out yet.)

JonathanG3080d ago

Why can't you for once post something positive?
It's because you get more attention when you troll and post negative crap. Please stop,
trolling benefits no one.

Spydiggity3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

no, what's funny/ironic is that if this title were the exact reverse, every idiot on n4g would be crying that this site just wants hits. and that it's "flaimbait."

such hypocrisy.

fermcr3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

This years PS3 exclusives leaves much to be desired. I think this year was the worst year for PS3 exclusives. The only one i can remember being good is Journey. Next year it seems to be much better, with Last of Us, God of War and Beyond... if they get released next year !!!

The only PS3 exclusive (not really a exclusive since it's also on the Vita) coming out this year that i might be interested is Sly... if it's any good !

In all honesty the best games being released are multiplatform games, for quite some time now. Next year it will be the same thing, best games being multiplatform.

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units3082d ago ShowReplies(4)
abzdine3082d ago

i dont care, Sony did their thing they showed games and that's what it's all about.
If MS was the only one attending Gamescom and they showed real hardcore games i'll be happy as well.
i'm a gamer i buy gaming machines to PLAY GAMES and Sony prove once again that they are the ones who care about us.

LOGICWINS3082d ago

"i'm a gamer i buy gaming machines to PLAY GAMES and Sony prove once again that they are the ones who care about us."

Ummm lol...Sony cares about making money, not you. If you sent a letter to Sony asking them to give you a free copy of GOW: Ascension, you think they'd give it to you?

Zechs343082d ago

I wrote in and got a free copy of Uncharted 3. You're arguement is now irrelevant.

abzdine3082d ago

no and that's not what it's about cause a company is always trying to make money.
I own a PS3 and Sony just shwoed that PS3 still has bright days.
They also showed they are pushing the Vita and yesterday's conference made me want to buy one. I'm a gamer i love to play games and Sony proves that i can trust them for yet a long time.

LOGICWINS3082d ago

@Zechs34- Wow bro thats a cool story. Don't know who are, but if u say it, then it must be true /s

@abzdine- And naaaow we're finally getting somewhere. U understand that Sony doesn't care about you unless your attached to a proverbial dollar sign.

Christopher3082d ago

LOGIC, your logic there isn't a valid point on someone sharing their opinion on why they prefer one company over another. I've seen you post this a lot, but you do come off as trying to act like you are telling people they shouldn't have opinions that side one way or another with what a company does.

Last time I checked, regardless if companies were about making a profit, people sided with the company that supported their interests more. Abzdine is just saying that Sony is his choice in this matter, not that Sony is giving him free games for life or that Sony isn't about getting money out of him in the long run.

Gazondaily3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Judging from the article, it seems that Microsoft had the opportunity to showcase quite a few things but chose not to do so.

As for Sony supporting core gamers, people seem to think Sony have slew of killer apps on the way but really, this fall I don't see anything that gives the likes of Halo or Forza cause for concern.

What about Sony at the beginning of this generation? According to the logic of some on here, they would have completely disregarded the PS3 at the start considering the poor library of titles.

Users on here try to give the impression that only the PS3 has games yet fail to account for the incredibly strong line up of third party titles, the vast majority of which are at the top of gamers' wanted list.

Kudos to Sony for the Cross Play initiative. It really is a bold move and shows incredible good faith on Sony's part. It makes buying a VITA a very enticing proposition. I just hope Sony commits to the service comprehensively and continues the trend with a bigger library of games.

user54670073082d ago Show
xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3082d ago

I got 3 free months of plus 2 months ago... With that i got

Little Big Planet 2
Warhammer 4,000: Spacemarine
Pacman championship edition
Gotham city imposters
Bloodrayne: Betrayal
Tomb Raider and the guardian of light
2 chapters of The walking dead
Zombie apocalypse: Never die alone

all for free,,, I'm sure there's more. Anyways, caring enough for ya?

akaakaaka3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

few years ago when i got ylod i was piss that i lost my save game and i told them well give me something free and they offer me few exclusive games or the spiderman bluray movie and other movies and I say ok give me inFAMOUS and after a week i got it by mail... SONY does someone even if their customer care policy sucks and at like 13 years old fanboys and I have got Ylod 3 times.. they somehow care with games.

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chaos-lockheart3082d ago

it doesn't matter if Sony cares about us or not, what we do care is that Sony is making GAMES for us to buy, if Sony gave us 1 game every year, i just wasted my money on a PS3 that's a fact. We all know a company wants money to make future products, if they gave you everything free, I'm sure they will be out of business in no time, and our PS3 will be worthless. I don't know the point of saying things like oh Sony don't care this and that , are you going to give him a free game? are you going to make a system for him, i don't think so.

wages of sin3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

And out of all these games announced, how many are you actually going to purchase? What about that of the average PS3 owner? They are going to buy third party games in masse, just like they always have.

And some how, some way, a member here will figure out a way to blame Microsoft for poor or less than expected sales figures. And the hilarious thing about it is, Sony wouldn't exist in the gameing space without thrid party support. They didn't start off making hits on their own, they got big on the backs of third party games.

And for the record,I agree with Septic and what he said early.

None of you were saying some of this nonsense earlier in this generation because the roles were completely reversed-and even then, the 360 now has more compelling software for all types of gamers then the PS3 did at the start. Some of you are in denial about what MS has been able to do this generation and it's pathetic.

@Stuna1 down below,

What company does that? Any that's trying to stay afloat and/or relevant.

A-Glorious-Dawn3081d ago

Strange it is not to see people's admiration for a company that provides them with their hobbies.

fascinating it is when people will openly not want a company to do well, slander it, never accept the good things being done or that have been done. Even when this company is a huge player in their hobby..

negroguy3082d ago

It is crazy that Sony is losing so much money yet they can pump out games and new IPs. Makes me wonder how many games they would be churning out if they were making a profit.

Blankman853082d ago

They have to keep swinging until they make a hit. Microsoft are resting on their laurels because they have a billion dollar a year maker in xbox live gold fees and purchases and Kinect which for some reason people have bought 20 million of @ $150 each.
They also have the highest selling exclusive IP not found on a nintendo console this gen. . .Halo.
Sure SONY have GT, but at over 60 million and 5 years a pop, it has its drawbacks.

_-EDMIX-_3082d ago

....GT6 is coming out and clearly its going to sell more then GT5.

On top of that, who said Sony are looking to make there money this gen?

Sony has historically made there bulk of profits AFTER a gen is done, NOT during.

ie PS1 profit during PS2's gen,

PS2 profit during PS3's gen

PS3 clearly profiting during PS4's gen.

MS doesn't have enough teams to support 2 systems. Sony does and at one point supported 3! Mind you they are neck and neck with 360 (what about when MS drops support of 360 just like XB1?)

What about when PS3 is at a lower price point?
What about when PS3 is being supported by teams still well after PS4 is out?

PS3 has free online, MMOs etc.

Sony has more teams now then when this gen started. I think you need to sit down and really look at what and when Sony has made there money. Thats nice Halo did those numbers, but every game can't be Halo nor Gran Turismo.

DigitalAnalog3082d ago

"They also have the highest selling exclusive IP not found on a nintendo console this gen. . .Halo."

Oh really? Mario Kart Wii, New Super Mario Bros Wii say hi.

Bzone243082d ago

I think you misunderstood the comment you replied to.

theEx1Le3082d ago

DigitalAnalog + 1m ago
"They also have the highest selling exclusive IP not found on a nintendo console this gen. . .Halo."

Oh really? Mario Kart Wii, New Super Mario Bros Wii say hi.

You sir, fail.

Danja3082d ago


Reminds me of myself back in the great fanboy wars of 2007 on this very site..

Bubbles up for you.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3082d ago


You spelled Nvidia wrong.

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chrisarsenalsavart3082d ago

the playstation business is quiet healthy actually. last quarter they lost money but so did microsoft and nintendo. the only difference is most media and especially US media hates sony so much and spill thrir hate whenever they can.
If you want to read good and unbiased articles, check eurogamer.

stuna13082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Exactly!!!! People are always accusing a company for only wanting your money! Why can't there be a middle ground?

Whether anyone agrees or not, sony as a company may not love me, but they sure as hell show that they appreciate me!

What business does anyone know that continually loses money but yet, still tries to cater to all ranges of gamers everywhere? Now that's what you call loyalty!!!!

Jazz41083082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

You guys do realize sony only announced one new game for vita and the majority of the new ips they are showing are psn games. If you get excited over psn games then check out lives arcade where there have been several new exclusive games almost weekly. Plus at e3 ms showed three new ips as well for live. As for the article it was a senseless fanboy rant and he expects me to believe he was this hardcore dedicated 360 fan that went to sonys conference and like some miricle he has seen the light and changed. What a crock of fanboy crap from ign whos desperate on both sides and let there authors rant fanboy drivel instead of focusing on. facts

3081d ago
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Mustang300C20123082d ago

It isn't funny except what the article is trying to claim as if MS is Ina dire situation when Sony is the one that is. They just had an E3 show 3 months ago. Multiplatform games are still going to be released for the 360. Sony is the one that is in a situation. If they can't get Vita to perform better than it is now they will have issues with the PS4 when it releases. Either it will be dropped or the bigger question will be how they support the PS3, Vita and PS4 and I gurantee Vita will lose even more support than it currently has.

mikemadden3082d ago

It felt like the author was just saying in the future he'll be playing the Playstation brand more than Microsoft. I don't blame him at all. If you're looking for unique experiences from your games i would recommend going with Sony too.

Face the fact that neither Sony or Microsoft is in a "dire situation".

PS aren't you like 30 years old? Hangup the fanboy gloves man.

Mustang300C20123082d ago

If he feels that way great. What does that have to do with MS not showing for Gamescom. It was well know ahead they were not showing up. Again how does this hurt MS. Mikemadden we all know you are a Fluffer for Sony and Gamesonsmash so don't come and act like you are not the fanboys of fanboys. Announcing niche games and showing COD for Vita in the state and the developer that is making it doesn't gurantee anything. Great if your looking to play those games but then why mention MS at all if it is just about the games in the first place? Been saying that for years when you would run your mouth at TheBitBag. Don't act like you have been some natural gamer when everything out of your mouth was whining about MS anything and nobbing Sony every chance u got. What the hell does anyone's age have anything to do with gaming. We have been telling u for years to grow your ass up.

tordavis3081d ago