Why Call of Duty won't die, at least anytime soon

A thought-out opinion piece of the benefits Modern Warfare has brought to the industry, and why it's not entirely deserving of being demonized. Well balanced and thought provoking.

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iamnsuperman2282d ago

I do not think it deserves to die. COD may not be pushing the graphic boundaries but to me it is doing what every game should do and that is being enjoyable to play. It is a fun franchise. The fact I can go two years with out playing it and then within seconds of coming back to it I remember is good.

Would I like Call of Duty to be more innovative and try to push some graphical level. Of course but the main thing for me is they keep the game fun to play.

JBSleek2282d ago

Why would a game that millions of love die. Call of Duty has millions of fans who buy it faithfully and enjoy it a lot therefore as long as it has an audience it can't die.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2282d ago

Every new generation of console brings new 12 year olds. My God the noobs will block out the sun!

ChunkyLover532282d ago

COD sells over 20+ million copies with each new release, it breaks the previous entertainment record held by the last COD game.

Its not some really super high grade graphics engine, but it is fast, fun and 60fps. You cant really do much more on current hardware and keep it 60fps, lowering the frames would cause the game to suffer.

The bottom line is that nobody that already dislikes COD is going to suddenly like it. There is nothing Activision/Treyarch/IW can do that will appease these whiners.

Skateboard2282d ago

I'm getting COD black ops 2 and the shitty Vita version, I like my Call OF Duty and I do buy different fresh new games too.

Unlimax2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Do you really care about game sales ?

Does the amount of sales make it play better , Does it make it fun !?

ChunkyLover532281d ago

Game sales relate directly to sequels, which I care about greatly. I'd rather a game I like sell well enough to earn a sequel.

So every gamer should care about sales to an extent. I don't go into the whole fanboy and sales thing, but enough sales to turn a profit and to keep a franchise alive is essential.

Unlimax2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

True Gamers doesn't give a f about game sales what ever the reason is its depend in your gaming experince not about "Sales" , People who do care about game sales do not understand something in video games or even gaming industry , At all !!

And PS : Why You want this "franchise" to live along with our gaming industry .. Hell even the 5th game doesn't release yet and still subsections parts are issued frequently !!

FarCryLover1822282d ago

I don't think it ever will as there is a large group of people who only buy and play COD.

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The story is too old to be commented.