Remember Me's Unforgotten Past With Sony Is Just Water Under The Bridge

Dontnod and Capcom's collaboration on Remember Me is a relatively recent occurrence. The two came together in the last year, following a falling out between Dontnod and Sony in February 2011. Remember Me (formerly Adrift) was originally headed exclusively to Sony's consoles, it seems, given a publishing arrangement that the two companies worked out in February 2010.

"The Sony deal was signed February 2010 and ended a year later. We were totally independent, and had no publisher, but we were looking for one," Dontnod creative lead Jean-Maxime Moris told Joystiq in an interview this morning. So, what went wrong?

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DigitalRaptor2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Strange of Sony not to support a game like this, since they're known for taking all sorts of risks with even stranger concepts, but at least it's still headed to PS3. Looks like it runs well too. Good news!

Parappa2279d ago

Not only that but it's also really watered down from the vision that they currently had.

AngelicIceDiamond2279d ago

Capcom will more than likely have exclusive DLC for the PlayStation version of the game. Since it was a PlayStation game first.

Parappa2279d ago

No they won't. They only do that on the 360 side if the game was on the 360 first otherwise PS3 would've had DMC4 exclusive DLC.