Fact: Skyrim Is The Best Game EVER

Skyrim has what I call “the just one more” factor, and that is yet another reason why it is so compelling and addictive. Just one more mission, you tell yourself. Biggest lie EVER. When I get back to Whiterun and it saves, I’m going to go to bed. As soon as I drop some items in my chest, I’m done. Five hours later, you’re fighting a dragon at the top of a mountain...

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Jdoki2259d ago

Original title of the article is "Why Skyrim Just May Be The Best Game of All Time". This title is just looking to cause arguments.

On topic. I really enjoyed most of Skyrim, but it's not the best RPG, and definitely not the best game ever.

Phil322259d ago

How did this story get approved? Aren't N4G stories supposed to use the original article's title?

Irishguy952259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Yeah, after a number of hours you find yourself repeating things. I prefer a shorter yet more unique experience

Which is why Dark souls is my fav game this gen

TBM2259d ago

Yea i agree its a good game that got repetitive with the fetch quests, and once you killed a dragon it become been there done that.

i enjoyed but its not the beat game ever.

Zeixama2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

I have been playing the game for scenery. With my femme fatale warrior, I have been wandering in all deserted lands of Skyrim and seek miserable existences whose challenges are death to them. You hear me Alduin?! You are next!!!

Yeah, the game is good, but quests-lines are lame, giving always blades and armors... They should put a bad-ass boss-questline where we will struggle against Kerrigan.

Captain Qwark 92259d ago

dark souls is the best game this gen without a doubt. in fact for me it was the best game ever, only game to best symphony of the night for me.

that said, theres a long list of games better than skyrim starting with oblivion and morrowind by far

Awesome_Gamer2258d ago

I agree.
Dark Souls & Uncharted are my favourite games this gen.

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DrNikki2259d ago

I can't control what titles people use for my pieces once they have them. I agree it should have been left as the original title, but not really my call. Fact--great game. My opinion--probably one of the best games of all time. Any game that gets females interested in gaming is a great game. Any game that my Grandma can pick up and have a good experience is also a great game. Everyone I've ever talked to about Skyrim has something to say, which shows its' appeal right there. For someone like me, who has never even been remotely interested in RPG's, Skyrim has opened a new world to me. And that's yet another reason why it's awesome. I would have went my entire life thinking all RPG's sucked. Until I played Skyrim. Now I see that there is so much more to RPGs than I had originally thought.

Irishguy952259d ago

So it's an RPG that attracts the casual crowd? Makes sense

Nocturne1472259d ago

I Love Skyrim, definitely one of the best games i've ever played.


Same here.

I don't know if it's the best ever ever...

but it's up there for me.

jagstatboy2258d ago

Agree it's not the best game ever made, but it is the only game I've ever sunk more than 200 hours into.

LightofDarkness2259d ago

Skyrim's pretty great, but the experience wore thin after about 60 hours for me. The game had been laid bare by then and I found it was a fairly shallow experience in many ways, so I stopped playing.

Great game, surely, but it's certainly not the best.

Zha1tan2259d ago

I really like the game, I feel it was lacking a bit in some areas after a while, i.e there wasnt enough variety in wildlife, weapons, armour for me personally.

I was expecting to see alot more but oh well thats why i got it on PC there are literally hundreds of nice armour mods which look incredible.

Namely the knights watch armour from Game of Thrones, looks amazing on my dawngaurd character.

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