Build an Awesome Budget Gaming PC for $375

Tek Syndicate - This build features dedicated graphics and the fast Intel G620. This will get you gaming for under $400.

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MultiConsoleGamer3159d ago

Outstanding work! I love articles like this. The video is very help. Even an idiot could follow these instructions.

kharma453159d ago

Kinda mis-leading without Windows included in the price.

BiggCMan3159d ago

But Windows is more user-friendly for people that don't know much about these things, so if they did want a cheap entry into PC gaming, they should stick with what they know best.

kharma453159d ago

But not yet a properly viable option for PC gaming.

bluedash3r3159d ago

um yeah linux fps is low, windows7 is recomended if u want good performance u can always buy windows 7 from ebay for about 75 bucks which the total price will come to $450 now the thing he said about games not using multicore i dont think is true..its not that games dont utilize multicore, ur pc is not set up to use it becouse i play mw3 and ive learned that at factory settings ur pc or in my case laptop is set to use only 1 core..u have to go to start menu type in

msconfig click on the msconfig tab then click on boot..then go to advanced options and u will see it will say number of processors it will say 1 change it to the maximum processors in my case i have 8..then apply the settings and for this to take effect it will ask u to restart ur pc and now u notice ur performance is better

Zha1tan3159d ago

Well it does say "gaming" PC, correct me if im ignorant but linux has barely any titles compatible with it except a few valve titles which are only just making their way onto it now.

If valve jump ship and other game makers do I will go to linux aswell but it seems no games are actually on linux.

ABizzel13159d ago

A pretty decent PC for the price. You can definitely pay more for a PC and get a lot less from retailers.

It's also pretty much the rumored specs. of the Nextbox.

Nextbox rumored to have a better CPU, GPU (HD 6770), and Blu Ray drive or some other media. Which would mean the Nextbox should cost around $400 instead of the rumored $299.

The only way the Nextbox could sell for less is cutting cost.

4GB of memory vs. 8GB will save: $10 - $20
(while most of use hope for 8GB in all honesty 4GB is enough)

Using the cheapest Motherboard available save: $10 - $20

Using the cheapest HDD available and sell HDD's at a huge mark-up as they currently do saves: $10 - $20 and earns $50 - $70 for each HDD sold.

Using a cheaper material for the casing save: $10

Using a Power Supply that does just enough to get the job done: $5

A total savings of $45 - $75 meaning it could possibly sell for a $299. But MS would have to bank on XBL subscriptions, exclusives, and accessories to recoup the loss they'll obtain for each console sold. That would be worthwhile as they would provide a console that's in direct competition with Nintendo's Wii-U that should be all around superior and possibly the same price.

But I doubt MS is willing take a loss Day 1 thanks to how shaky things are in the economy, so expect something more along the lines of $349 - $399.

Getting back on topic, this is a solid PC. To get a true powerhouse though simply though in a HD 7950 it'll bring the price up to $600, but you'll be able to play every game in 1080p @ 60fps, and you PC will be solid for 3 - 5 years.

mochachino3159d ago

I need to see a vid of how well it runs games.

i_da_pappy3159d ago

Bout to start building my first gaming pc. When I'm finished I will have spent about $3000

Zha1tan3159d ago

wtf are you spending that money on....