Head2Head:Sleeping Dogs Screenshot Comparison (Lens of Truth)

Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we take a closer look at United Front Games in conjunction with Square Enix London Studios Sleeping Dogs for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Stay tuned because we have Darksiders II two”sleeping” around the corner. Anyway, until then have a closer look below to see if you can spot any differences."

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RudeSole Devil2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

OMG PS3 version textures suckkkkkkk!!!!!! Perfect example why sites like these need to exist.

crimsonfox2344d ago

The only textures that are even worth mentioning is the rain coat and one of the characters necklaces...Besides that. you have to just nit pick. The game looks great on both consoles.

mewhy322344d ago

well I have to say that the xbox version does have better lighting,better shadowing,and higher res textures, and better normal mapping. The ps3 version has better anti-aliasing. I wonder how they'll perform and if the ps3 will requre in install or not?

raytraceme2344d ago

I am really glad that a pc version exists when a great game like this runs like garbage on consoles.

Diver2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

what's that about a texture? I can't hear you over the sound of sonys gamescom revelations.

ABizzel12344d ago

If you have the choice get the 360 version.

If you have a solid PC get the PC version.

If you have not other choice get the PS3 version.

At the end of the day the differences will go unnoticed.

It's safe to say this game was not made on Square's Engine, probably Unreal.

jsslifelike2344d ago

Nothing shows the PS3's memory limitation like normal/reflection mapping.

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greenpowerz2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Sites like this started out that way. Now It's for hits due to fanboys not liking these sites showing the weaknesses of their console they worked so hard on trying to condition the world otherwise.

It's not just textures, the PS3 version seems to be at a lower resolution or not as sharp. With missing lighting effects, weaker water effects and missing textures.

Games that are technologically more advanced and or more open suffer on PS3's over hyped hardware.

It's because the devs didn't gimp the game for the lowest common denominator and made the PC version the best, with extra DLC bells and whistles. The devs made each console version closest to the PC as possible, respectively.

Devs are starting to abandon the lead on PS3 method" just to make each version the same. Too much competition with other technologically advanced games to gimp all versions for one console.

If this game was more linear or static the version would be closer to eachother on consoles.

The 360 version looks more like the PC version based on what I seen of the PC version on destructoid video. I watch on viaway on my blu-ray player which has a very sharp picture so I get the truest look at the way games look(better than PC)

AngelicIceDiamond2344d ago

Wow anyone read the the 2nd comment.

"The SUPERIOR Xbox 360" I only own an Xbox and that's a ridiculous statement. No one console is "superior"

BigStef712342d ago

He's a moron troll named buying1999. Its funny cuz now two other people made similar accounts like his and are totally making him look like a retard by using the same phrases he always says and adding an interesting spin on them lol

noisemedia2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Oh wow, well. I already bought the PS3 version. Oh well. Xbox definitely took this one hands down.

EDIT: To be honest while Xbox does look better I have to admit its really not an issue for me. Im not sure which system I prefer overall. Could go either way...

_LarZen_2344d ago

Im mainly a PS3 gamer and pictures like these makes me so sad... :(

God thing I got a X360 for those multiplat games then! :D

tee_bag2422344d ago

To be honest they are pretty damn close. One shot shows better textures on a particular wall and then another on a guys yellow jacket in favor of the 360.
Big deal. It wouldn't bother me which copy I picked up. It's petty comparing such small punch for punch differences and calling a win on either side. Then there is the great big elephant in the room called PC.

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