The Complete Kingdom Hearts Timeline - Part 18: To Save the Past

GameXplain: "For six years, Kingdom Hearts fans have been waiting for the third game in the series. And now, with six games in total, the plot is a near labyrinthine mess of connections and revelations. It's with that in mind that I have decided to unravel the plot of the entire series for those who may have mised the opportunity to play some of the spin-offs and those who just want a refresher before diving into the new game. Today we explore Part 18 of our ongoing feature."

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Eternalb2307d ago

Read that as A Link to the Past at first. A KH and Zelda crossover would be amazing!

rezzah2307d ago

I don't see how they could fit together; except in a game like Smash Bros or PS AS.

Agent_00_Revan2307d ago

My God! how many parts of this article are there going to be? I haven't started them yet, but want to. Little did I know it was going to be investing a whole novel about KH.

WildArmed2306d ago

The next best thing to playing all the games yourself! :)