Ex Darksiders 2 Developer Says Wii U Is A ‘$400 Xbox 360 Seven Years Late’

Ex Darksiders 2 Senior UI Designer, Xander Davis, has spoken to Not Enough Shaders about working with THQ on Darksiders 2, and what he thinks of Nintendo’s forthcoming console Wii U. Here’s Davis’ unedited thoughts about the system.

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richierich3079d ago

Personally I dont agree what do you guys think

Morrigan-Aensland3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

"From what I’m hearing from people who have actually played a Wii U as recently as a month ago, the games pretty much suck and the tablet is pretty much a complete gimmick." - ex -dev

Well fans are quick to cite quotes from darksiders 2 devs to prove the Wii u is powerful so I guess the word from an ex-dev is good enough. I can't wait til the spin doctors who aren't devs to discredit what this matey said.
E3 and gamescom are telling about Nintendo and Wii u. There still aren't any info on the price and release date on Wii u.

samtheseed3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Bitter ex *user interface* developer, that's, User Interface developer, who hated the Wii U from day one, admits he's never even been near one, calls Wii U a 360. I believe him. Yes. I believe him.

victoryscreeeeeech3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Some say the Wii u good, others say its bad. I really do not know who his people are because from what I'm hearings the WII U is pretty good. In all honesty we really wont know until we got more confirmed info. Or you or I can actually play it.

user54670073079d ago


Have you noticed though that the ones that say it's good have games coming up on the Wii U. I mean to me that just makes me think they are only saying that so it dosen't hurt sales.

...think about it

nintendojunkie283079d ago

Read the article.He's never even worked on the Wii U.Everything this blabbermouth said was pure speculation from a bitter ex UI designer.It's quite obvious that he hates the concept of the Wii U (He can't rap his little mind around it) and probably any concept or innovation ninty has to offer.He just gave his 2 cents,which once again I'll reiterate,means absolutely nothing because he's (by his own admission) never touched the damn thing.

ABizzel13079d ago

And here you are again.

From the rumored specs. this dev is exactly right. The CPU and the GPU are very similar, albeit, more powerful versions of those in the Xbox 360.

My question is, is there anything wrong with that?

IMO no, and honestly it's what I expected out of Nintendo's next console. I'm excited for the potential of the Wii-U, but Nintendo has failed to prove anything to me, beside Zombe-U. I need to see more / better 3rd party support, a better launch line-up, more trailers / demos of 1st party games, and what the future holds for the Wii-U.

sikbeta3079d ago

Just WOW! what's going on here? lol

Brosy3079d ago

Who knows if this guy is right or wrong? F**king Nintendo wont release the specs.One side you have a guy that hasnt touched the Wii U being critical of it. On the other hand you have devs that have their hands on a Wii U talking it up. Which one do you believe? One is talking out of his ass, and the other has it in their best financial interest to not slam the Wii U.

Its past time for Nintendo to step up and start getting people excited about the Wii U. They havent released the specs for whatever reason. And Wii U software videos are almost non-existant. Give us some Wii U Mario and Zelda footage to get us excited already.

PoSTedUP3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

i will only get the WiiU if they make a Super Mario Sunshine 2 for it, omg SO worth the $400 (seriousness, Not sarcasm)

OT: yes, the WiiU will probably be a $400 360.

just deliver the games Nintendo, no more shovel ware. lets bring this bad boy back to the golden era.

gaffyh3079d ago

If it actually does cost anywhere near $400, EPIC FAIL from Nintendo. Sony will be able to offer a PS Vita and PS3 bundle for less than that soon, and Xbox 360 is already less than half that price.

showtimefolks3079d ago

How many different developers have said the same thing that wii u is as powerful as current consoles but no be wants to hear it. Look I didnt expect Nintendo to make a powerful system I am just happy it's a HD console and I get to lay Zelda in HD.

And they have a regular controller which is just like a xbox360 controller.

Ont thing I don't get why are the 2 analog sticks on top and buttons on bottom right on the controller? Wouldn't that be hard to control the camera and try to press buttons?

What if both MS and Sony drop the price on day of wii u launch a full $100? Families would much rather get s3 or xbox360 which has more games than a $400 machine. Nintendo fanboys will buy it since they buy everything Nintendo just like ms and Sony fanboys.

Nintendo have yet to announce a price or a release date and we abut to hit September what are they waiting for?

PshycoNinja3079d ago

This is pretty accurate actually.

I played the Wii-U at E3. I was totally underwhelmed. Most people there were actually. As a matter of fact Batman: AC and AC3 looked WORSE on Wii-U than on the PS3 or 360. The controller was uncomfortable after about 20 minutes. All in all most people were disappointed with it. Just because devs are paid to say nice things about Wii-U compared to people who have worked on it and have gone on record saying its not that impressive.

Who has more to lose? I trust the person who has nothing to lose than the developer who has everything to lose. That and I actually played the darn thing, so...

quantae063079d ago

Nintendo needs to just say F it & release those specs so people can STFU & stop speculating already. This developer has never even worked on a Wii U console, & it just doesn't like the idea of the Wii U. But he doesn't know crap without any hands on experience. He sounds like a freaking fanboy.

Awesome_Gamer3079d ago

He is just a bitter dev that got sacked for being shit.

P.S: I'm a Playstation fan, but this guy is just a liar

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Shadonic3079d ago

idk i mean if the specs are similar and the wii u is doing something the 360 and ps3 can alread do today with say smartglass on your phone then he may have some truth to what hes saying but should he say such things like this NOPE! caue hes going to gethimself in trouble. It all depends on wat nitendo does and hw innovative they are with the wiiu.

R_A_LEE203079d ago

What are you talking about? Wii U came before Smartglass not the other way round.

Lvl_up_gamer3079d ago

@ r_a_lee20

Announcement wise yes, but we don't know how long each company has been working on their product.

Wii u uses a tablet as part of their gaming where tablets are now old news as well as the tech in the console is said to be on par as a 360 which is 8+ year old tech so not much complex designing there.

However smart glass is just a program. How hard or long does it take to write some code?

Both the wii u and smart glass aren't exactly treading new ground complexity wise. So it's hard to say what was in developement longer.

All we can go by is announcement to customers.

DarkHeroZX3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Did you see the Vit/ps3 LBP2 gamescom play through? It was like Sony wiped out a smelly 18 incher and shoved the whole mess up Nintendo's bum. If the wii U cost that much the ps3/vita combo will make the Wii U irrelevant day 1. All ps3 buyers have to do is grab a vita. While many people who don't own sited may get both. I mean for $100 more you get a controller you can play games on anywhere. Have to leave the Wii U tablet at home....

dc70703079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

How can you disagree with something that I'm going to assume you haven't even played hands on.

On the other hand this is from a developer who most likely has worked on it and has had some hands on with the Wii U. Ultimately we will see when it comes out and the specs are revealed.

Puddlejumper753079d ago

"From what I’m hearing from people who have actually played a Wii U as recently as a month ago, the games pretty much suck and the tablet is pretty much a complete gimmick." - ex -dev

He admits he never played it. "From what I am hearing" being a big clue. Had he actually touched it would be "From my experience"

Sad part is people wont care that he has never touched it because he is saying what the haters want to hear.
Flip it around and this article would be empty if it said Wii u made last gen console look bad

DarkHeroZX3079d ago

Well if other Devs or people ahe knows are actually making that statement.......

Incipio3079d ago

"From what I’m hearing from people who have actually played a Wii U as recently as a month ago"

What you're supposed to read into is: "played a Wii U as recently as a month ago", not "actually played a Wii U". You can't ignore the other part of the quote.

He's saying that he's played a Wii U, but the implication is not recently, yet others have played games further along in development and more recently than him.

A developer wouldn't trash something unless he's had it in his hands and played it at some point. This is a poor quote and is taken out of context.

Oh_Yeah3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

didnt crytek say the wii u is good enough for them to work with? thats a team that focuses on graphical power houses. their word counts more than a lot of other devs.

either way, what i think is... 3rd party support will be good for the wii u in the beginning, but once ps4 and 720 get rolling, that support will slowly trickle off.

Incipio3079d ago

Crytek dumbed down their sequel to the PC-only Crysis/Crysis Warhead games so it would work on consoles.

When they say "good enough", I'm sure they mean it would end up a scrunched-down version of the full glory of the original Crysis/Crysis Warhead.

Oh_Yeah3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

@Incipio your right, but the crysis games looked great to me on the current consoles. i like nice graphics and all but by no means am i a graphics whore. i started out on the nes/snes and had a blast as a kid, so for me to say oh i cant play this game because its not pretty enough would make me some type of spoiled, hypocritical gamer. which ill never be, ultimately its gameplay > graphics. if the graphics are twice as good as the current consoles on the wii u, i wont have a problem playing it at all. anyway most of us wont be getting one for 3rd party games. its about the exclusives, which nintendo always has a quantity of. so im fine with "good enough graphics" as long as great gameplay is there.

Amphion3079d ago

I don t see why this is making the news, I thought we already knew that.

Blasphemy3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

My Friend once told me during the PS2 era that Nintendo is always a generation behind, I guess he was right.

quantae063079d ago

You realize Gamecube had better graphics then the PS2 right?

mike1up3079d ago

Did your friend happen to mention that the PS2 was the weakest console of that era?

Spydiggity3079d ago

personally, i don't see how somebody who isn't a developer (you) should be expressing an opinion about hardware he's probably never (or hardly) been exposed to.

ConstipatedGorilla3078d ago

Everyone is quick to hate on this thing without having played it, including this ex-dev.

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Jadedz3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

In the end - It's the consumers who decide whether a product will succeed, or not.

Godmars2903079d ago

Except in the case of a game console, the Wii being the perfect example, hardware and software are two halves of the same whole. And while Wii sold well, at the beginning at least, most games for it didn't.

You may indeed call the Wii a success, but the arguable fact remains that Nintendo abandoned it almost before the WiiU was announced. 3rd party devs well before then.

The WiiU might sell solely on Nintendo's name, but it does not speak well of the system that one of its premiere titles will be years old at its release.

cleft53079d ago

Ultimately what makes a console a success or failure is how many units they sell of said console. That is not up for debate and whether you love or hate the Wii it sold an incredible amount of units. Whether you love or hate the Kinect it sold an incredible amount of units.

Success is not up for debate, it either is or isn't. In this case, the Wii is a successful console. Whether the WiiU will be is yet to be seen. And considering this guy hasn't even worked on the console, his opinion isn't even slightly valid.

linkratos3079d ago

I agree that it got abandoned but remember, it did sell both the most hardware AND total software.

wishingW3L3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

The Wii has the highest software sales because of Wii-sport that came bundled with the console and Mario... But most 3rd party games flopped. =/

KMCROC543079d ago

Yes so true you are ,but bad press be it by word of mouth or thur social networks will still cause consumer confusion & doubt.

LOL_WUT3079d ago

Sounds legit to me and it's no anonymous source either. I wonder why Nintendo still refuse to say anything about the Wii U's hardware.

@Jadedz Glad you didn't try to spin this too bad i can't speak for the rest of your friends...

ChickeyCantor3079d ago

"I can only speculate, but as a UI Designer applying experienced critical thinking to game mechanics UI and the Wii U tablet, none of it makes sense to me to truly add value to gamers, even if you try."

Yeah cause screw games that could benefit from a "pointer" like mouse interface. Screw everything about it.

I swear, if EA doesn't release a C&C pack including the original, redalert 2 etc. Then their bloody idiots.

Also this guy just sounds like he is out of his zone. He just doesn't know what to do with it other than making touchable buttons. DS was awesome because of its touchscreen. I don't see how it won't enhance the experience.

Infernostew3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

EA already did release a C&C pack with all the games and expansions from Command & Conquer to the Generals expansion called C&C: The First Decade. The only problem is it only runs on Windows XP.

ChickeyCantor3079d ago

Im talking about a Wii-u release.

Infernostew3079d ago

That makes more sense. But it's probably not gonna happen.

TenkoTAiLS3079d ago

Only runs on XP you say? I better uninstall it from my computer running Windows 7 64bit then...could have sworn I was playing Tiberium Sun via First Decade just yesterday >.<

Infernostew3079d ago

How about the other games? I've read a lot of things online about all the games not running. I still have all my older C&C discs but never tried them but I was thinking of getting the first decade but I heard of numerous problems and most of the games not working on newer machines.

TenkoTAiLS3079d ago

There's actually a fan made patch that restores lost music and movies that were missing from the original release, mainly affecting the original C&C and Red Alert. It also includes tweaks that let all the games run on Vista and 7. I can play all of them on my 64bit Windows 7. I'm pretty sure the Vista/7 compatability was in the last official patch for the game too that came out before the fan one.

The fan patch is really good tho, works a charm and adds music/movies and some multiplayer maps that were officially released but missing from the First Decade release. Has all the fixes from the 3 official patches too. Well worth a google :)

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BitbyDeath3079d ago

EA are idiots though, just look at what they did to C&C.

Hmm let's make a game where you no longer have bases! Genius EA, just friggen genius SMH -_-

ChunkyLover533079d ago

He hasn't even worked on the Wii U!
“I’ve not worked on any Wii U version of anything (luckily). But, y’know, I very early on raised my major concern about this. Anybody buying any Wii U game that’s a port is probably buying it almost exclusively and specifically for how it can play differently through the Wii U’s alleged innovated UI."

This guy sounds bitter, and who says fanboys cant exist in the game world outside of forums? The way the guy is ranting, it sounds like Nintendo pissed in his Cheerio's.

beerkeg3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

'I’ve not worked on any Wii U version of anything'

Well, that's a credible opinion.

EDIT:This guy is bitter because he couldn't do a decent job at what he was employed to do.

nintendojunkie283079d ago

Exactly,people READ the article.This guy has virtually no frame of reference,which renders his opinion as useless as that of michael pachter's.