Gran Turismo 6 info coming soon, says Yoshida

Gran Turismo 6 details may be revealed to series fans in the very near future, according to Sony Worldwide Studios chief Shuhei Yoshida.

Morrigan-Aensland4066d ago

Gt6 will be on ps4 so we might get a ps4 announcement

GuyManDude4066d ago

I've got $100 that says GT6 is a PS3 game.

_-EDMIX-_4066d ago

LOL...yes please dream on.

It will be a PS3 release. Only stupid noobs seem to think that it will be on or "should" be on PS4.

New to gaming buddy? 2 numbered GT's have ALWAYS released on a PS system.

I don't see that not happening unless you have a link to prove otherwise?

Sit down child...sit down.

A systems second GT has actually released faster based on the engine already being done and finished.

GT6 will probably be out on PS3 fall 2013 or fall 2014.

Again, i see no reason to make it on PS4, in fact THAT would take longer idiot, they have to make it now from the ground up.

(i swear do you guys even think about the stupid crap you post?)

sikbeta4066d ago


I'll patiently wait, love GT series


Hope it's a PS4 title and want cross-buy as well, playing on PS4 and progress to Vita would be awesome for me...

Blankman854066d ago

Someone's taking this very personally. Calm down EDMIX, it's just a game.

shadow27974066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )


No Gran Turismo title has ever had it's first incarnation come out 4 years after the console's launch, which makes the two per console rule completely moot.

If GT6 released late 2014, like you admit is possible, don't you think it would be a bit strange that it's releasing on a last-gen console? Why would Sony let them release their best selling game on their old console? The PS4 could be a year old by that point.

Also, the condescension is hilarious. What are you going to do if you're wrong and end up looking like a tool?

PS. GT4 didn't release quicker than GT3 (1 year vs 3.5) and the PSP "SYSTEM" only had one GT. Just sayin'.

DigitalAnalog4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

You do realize that if PD were to create GT6 for the PS4, all the work put on the engine on the PS3 goes straight to the toilet. You are now left with cars that will be ported to the PS4 which will result be the "standard" as opposed to GT6 "premiums".

Secondly, it's highly possible that this could be a 2013 release. Considering many of the PS3's franchises are releasing in that period, it's not out of the question that 2 years is MORE THAN enough time to polish and touch up the engine that took 5 years to make.

shadow27974066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

1. My point wasn't that GT6 will definitely be a PS4 title. My point was that it's entirely possible (and not "stupid", as EDMIX would have you believe) for it to be a PS4 title.

2. The premium GT5 cars have high enough poly counts to be PS4 cars. They may just need new textures and shaders. They certainly wouldn't be "standard" quality. And since they're going to be building tons of high quality cars for GT6 anyway, you might as well put it towards the next generation instead of rushing GT6 out before the PS4 launches.

Hopefully they can just build upon a lot of the code they used for GT5 for GT6 on the PS4. It's obviously not ideal, but neither were the delays that caused it to be launched so late. It's better for them to cut their losses and get a head start on the PS4 generation, in my opinion.

A 2013 launch is certainly possible, but there's usually a pretty long build-up to GT launches. My guess is that they'll unveil it at the Tokyo Game Show ("soon") if it's a PS3 title.

Larry L4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

I've said it on here before, and for some reason it gets me alot of disagrees, but I'll say it again.

I'm pretty sure GT6 will be a PS3 game. There's no way Kaz, PD or Sony will be happy unless there's a GT on PS3 that makes full use of PS3's hardware.

Now I LOVE GT5. It is IMO the best simulator style racing game on consoles. It think it's amazing, especially considering it was one of the very first PS3 games in development, and it's handling/gameplay and physics are second to NONE on consoles. But I also know that as amazing as GT5 is, there's quite alot of room for improvement on that same hardware, graphically speaking.

As I said, GT5 was one of the first PS3 games in development and it's engine was finialized LONG before guys from GG, ND and Santa Monica unlocked the secrets of the PS3 hardware, but due to delays GT5 came out long after games like Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 and GoW3 had already shown what PS3 could do, which made GT5 look bad in comparison because it was too late to rebuild GT5's engine to make use of those leaps in PS3 development.

This is why Yamauchi-san stated that work on GT6 began right after GT5 released. Because he was pissed he couldn't use that tech being shared among Sony 1st party devs, so he immediately tore that engine back open and programmed in all the new code to really make use of the PS3's horsepower.

I believe GT6 will be on PS3, and it will be released next year, probably around May or June, maybe the Fall, but next year for sure. And I believe it is going to just blow people's minds with how much better it looks than GT5. People are going to be amazed that it's on the same hardware.

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insomnium24066d ago

It's better to have a bigger leap rather than a yearly update.

Blankman854066d ago

So no posted cars for GT4 this time round? One can only hope.

Blankman854066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

double post.

thehusbo4066d ago

Nah that jokes old troll. Try harder.

OT: can't wait for this :D hopefully it's a ps4 launch title.

NastyLeftHook04066d ago

why don't you pay attention units, the title clearly says "gran turismo 6 info coming soon" does it look like it has a release date already? c'mon man think!

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Nexgensensation4066d ago

I very disagree with gt5. I hope polyphony reads this comment. a lot of sony droids believe gt5 was perfect, so for the sake of gt6. POLYPHONY READ THIS COMMENT.


GuyManDude4066d ago

"Grand Turismo"

Yup, you're their biggest fan alright.

_-EDMIX-_4066d ago

LMFAO! The guy's an idiot. He can barely spell Gran! Turismo let alone play it.

GT5 is pretty much hands down the greatest racing game this gen, the only thing to be better then GT5....is GT6.

8 million people say otherwise. There isn't even a damn game to compare to GT right now. None have rally, drifting, circuit, NASCAR etc ALL in one game.

Buddy needs to sit down. LOL.

Nexgensensation4066d ago

so it can go in all you smart @sses mouth!

suck on it!

chrisarsenalsavart4066d ago

he probably bought the chinese knock-off version.
grant tourismu

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DoomeDx4066d ago

"a lot of sony droids believe gt5 was perfect, so for the sake of gt6. POLYPHONY READ THIS COMMENT."

Lol you really think Polyphony is reading N4G?

Anyways, i enjoy Gt5. i still play it from time to time.
I gotta admit that the racing aspect of the game is kind of 'boring'. but apart from that, im having a blast collecting cars, playing online, tuning cars, driving etc etc. Its just the racing thats not fun..driving the same laps 10 times in a row while being 2 minutes ahead of the other racers, is just boring

NexGen4066d ago

Ugh, even your name is stupid, "sensation."

Nexgensensation4065d ago

i can tell you have no type of style and creativity....


in other words, your just the same as everyone else. no distinction, no quality, and since i must go elementary for you, your just a brick, carbon copy, an imitation. YOU WILL NEVER BE NEXGENSENSATION!

hennessey864066d ago

Saying gt6will be on ps4, one of the documented reasons gt5 took so long is because the engine was built from the ground up for the ps3. So why would Sony not release gt6on the ps4whenit would require another new engine. Sony need to make some money too and for that reason gt6will be on ps3.

turgore4066d ago

Although rumors say GT6 will be on PS4 I hope it will be on PS3. GT5 was a great looking game but sometimes it was inconsistent (eg. the non-premium cars).
I hope that GT6 will be a more consistent game with several upgrades that will take the series from great to spectacular, and be one of PS3's last swan songs.