Sony cuts 07/08 PlayStation 3 sales target to 9.5 mln

TOKYO, Jan 31 (Reuters) - Japan's Sony Corp (6758.T: Quote, Profile, Research) on Thursday said it had cut its PlayStation 3 sales target for the year to March to 9.5 million units from 11 million. Sony saw a slow start to the videogame consoles' sales after its launch in late 2006 due to its high price and scarcity of strong software titles.

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sak5004380d ago

I was wondering whatever happened to the projections. If you look at teh news post couple of months back, fonydroids were sure it would reach 15 million. Someone should post the link to that story would love to see the comments back then. I for one said 11 million by march sure but 2009.

mikeslemonade4380d ago

Shutup, not even a blind bot like you would predict something absurd like that. Don't worry the PS3 will surpass 360 in install base sooner or later. It's inevitable, so you can quit your defending.

Iron Man 24380d ago

LOL I want to see the look on your face when the PS3 surpasses the Xbox 360 later on this year,although I did find your comment funny,fonydroids?LMFAO!XD

ravinash4380d ago

Usally its price cuts and new bif releases that make the console sales spike, is there anying that big coming out before the end of March?
9M is easy because world wide tis about there already, it need a release or price drop to push it past 11M by March, guess they don't want to do that.

Bathyj4380d ago

Hey Sak504.

Thats what we'll call you after the 4 of us tea bag you.

Kill Crow4380d ago

The 360's Spike from August to November was well above the PS3 - but the PS3's so called spike over christmas period is hardley that much above the 360 ... I don't konw what planet you fonydroids are on but it will have to do something similar to the wii's spike to overcome the 360 any time soon ...

Kleptic4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )


that spike was all with halo 3 though...and I vaguely remember nearly every 360 fanboy in the world hailing victory over the PS3 forever at that point...

Halo 3 was supposed to be one of those games (like Halo 2) that millions of people will be playing for years to was supposed to have the legs to top 10 million in sales in just was supposed to truely show every other console shooter who is still the boss...

it was the biggest title the 360 will ever get...and it failed at every single thing I just mentioned...with all its hype it was outdone by a multiplatform shooter just over a month later (with more people playing that on XBL than Halo 3 now also)...Not only that, but the PS3 manages to outsell the 360 in the biggest month of sales of 2007...that was not supposed to happen with Halo 3 being released...halo 3 was supposed to carry the 360 all the way through most of 2008...instead...a price cut, that still leaves the PS3 more expensive, was all it needed to outsell the 360 worldwide...

remember...the PS3 is outselling the 360 with 'no games'...the fact that 2008's PS3 lineup is about 5x the 360's...that shouldn't hurt the PS3's momentum...

Kill Crow4380d ago

is just your opnion and million who bought and played it disagree. It seems you believed more of the hyps than anyone else ... If we're going to talk about Hype and failure the PS3 has had more than it's fair share ...

The point is - When Halo 3 came out there was a spike in sales, and for 2 to 3 months the 360 sold avastly higher numbers than the PS3. The gap in the chart over those months is over a centimeter.

But you laud the christmas period where the largest gap in sales the PS3 had over the 360 can only be measured at be a milimeter or two, and by your very own statement how long has this gone on for? The gap between the two is even smaller now ...

Even with a HUGE price drop over the busiest period the PS3 only just managed to sell more consolves ... hardly the numbers required to catch up let alone overtake total xbox sales ... the PS3 will need much bigger spikes and for much longer duration in order to overtake the 360 at all ...

I'm not saying it isn't possible, there is a lot more lined up for the PS3 from the looks of things, but if this last so called PS3 spike is anything to go by it's really not doing as well as you make out it to be ....

leon764379d ago

To sak...ahahahahahaha you're an idiot!!!1

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sonarus4380d ago

the difference is sony now counts sold not shipped 11 million shipped changed it to 9.5million sold.

zambrota4380d ago

""Beginning with Q1 FY07,the method of reporting hardware and software unit sales has been changed from production shipments to recorded sales. "

Please do also NOTE that 9.5m refers to console sales for the FISCAL YEAR (starting from april,2007 ---march 30,2008)

It is not total sales

zambrota4380d ago

People arent you seeing that SONY has changed their reporting PRACTICES in their balance sheet. They are now reporting SALES TO CUSTOMERS

sonarus4380d ago

lol people on here are disagreening like its a vote. Sony changed shipped to sales its fact.

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Skerj4380d ago

Isn't it already at 9.5 mil?

crck4380d ago

So sales from March 31th 2007 to March 31th 2008. Not lifetime sales.

zambrota4380d ago

But please do also remember that beginning from JUNE 30 ,2007 SONY has actually been counting SALES to CUSTOMERS rather than SALES TO RETAILERS/FOB

clarified again -- SONY is aiming for 9.5million sales to CUSTOMERS for the fiscal year

Equinoxe_74380d ago

Yes it have been a slow start

anh_duong4380d ago

that must mean no OFFICIAL price cuts coming before end of Q1.