SONY's quarterly Earnings Announcement. Gaming division made a profit last quarter (september - december,2007)

SONY's Game division has managed to beat the analysts prediction by posting a profit of 113$ million last quarter ranging from September,2007 to December ,2007.

The hardware sales for ps3 ,psp and ps2 in the third quarter of 2007 stood at :-

Unit sales of Hardware (Unit: million)

PS2 5.4

PS3 4.9

PSP 5.76

*****NOTE :- Beginning with Q1 FY07,the method of reporting hardware and software unit sales has been changed from production shipments to recorded sales.

So SONY is infact reporting the console sales to customers begiining from the second quarter of 2007.

SONY's overall net income went to to beat analysts projections by posting a 5.8% profit margin over the fiscal quarter of last year. The net income rose to 1.756 Billion dollars.

Please look at the full balance sheet in the alternative section.

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HarryEtTubMan4742d ago

HAHAHAH PS3 sales AREN'Y EVEN CLOSE to it's peak. Not even close. It's still the price the Xbox 360 was when IT LAUCHED HAHAHAHA PS3 is gonna have suck good sales in a year or two... Sony knows it and are setting it up... I love the doubters.... YOU WILL BE PWNED.

leon764741d ago

That is the right talking... I'm tottaly agree with you!!!!

zambrota4742d ago

$113 million is definitely not bad when NIKKEI expected SONY to post a loss of 236 million last quarter.

4.9 million ps3s were sold to customers between september --december

BTW *******

Those are sales to customers not retailers/shipment units

"Beginning with Q1 FY07,the method of reporting hardware and software unit sales has been changed from production shipments to recorded sales. "

VGCHARTZ please update your ps3 sales

Thank you

BLaZiN PRopHeT4742d ago

thats retail sales not consumer. sold to sony is sold to retailers thats where they get their money from not the consumer.

4742d ago
ravinash4742d ago

Most of the sales that Sony have done are towards the later half of the year since the price cut and later games coming out, so why not have they sold 4.9 units world wide.
We all know that there is a hugh demand for Wii, but they are restricted by the number of units they can build.

4742d ago
zambrota4742d ago

quit trolling OK

you could easily see that sentence in SONY's balance sheet

"Beginning with Q1 FY07,the method of reporting hardware and software unit sales has been changed from production shipments to recorded sales.

dont be neogaffers who say "SHIPMENT" is not the same as "SHIPMENT to RETAILERS" but WAREHOUSES????

in FInancial /Managerial accounting terms there is nothing like Shipment to retailers. a shipment to warehouse translate into "A SHIPMENT OF MERCHANDISE TO THE RETAILER/WHOLESELLER"

gaffyh4742d ago

Maybe Blazin_Prophet and Gaystation_3 should be in the Open Zone...

It's good to see that Sony made a profit last quarter, but they sold 4.9 Million so it was expected, although I thought it would have been a lot more profit.

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Cyrus3654742d ago

Interesting Sony Made a profit from their gaming division, does this mean, there not losing on their PS3 anymore and/or at break even point.

And they sold 4.9 PS3 (From Sept to Dec 07 Period? Worldwide?)

zambrota4742d ago

SOLD to customers i mean

It is good that SONY has changed their reporting from SHIPMENT to SELLING TO END USERS

even despite that 4.9 million is a huge number.

I think VG massively underreported ps3's europe sales.

I think PS3 might be at 5m/very close to 5m in europe

rawg4742d ago

They've cust costs on PS3s but are still losing money on each unit. The PSP and PS2 are both profitable plus they get revenue on software sales across all platforms. If you add it all up they managed to make a profit which probably surprised a lot of investors.

sonarus4742d ago

they are gaining profits off software sales resistance and motorstorm have been pretty profitable they have cut hardware costs as well but they are prob still cruising off the sales of psp's and ps2's. considering every ps3 is still sold at a loss thats pretty impressive. they were able to turn profit quicker than msoft too

The_Engineer4742d ago

and with less consoles sold too, one is a veteran who knows what he's doing, the other is a big dollar second year rookie who been inconsistent. I'll side with experience on this one.

kewlkat0074742d ago

when your looking at Corporation Quarterly numbers?

quite sad..

MS, Sony and we all know Nintendo doing great the last 2 quarters.

beoulve4741d ago

kewl, I don't know how you look at it. $1.57 billion net income for a corporation is not sad at all unless you just sour they made profit.

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Lord Anubis4742d ago

Ah very good, it seems Kaz kept his promise. Going to 45nm will help them but the exclusives this year will skyrocket sony.

zambrota4742d ago

well KAZ empected to make profit this quarter


so he will be more than Happy

I think SONY will invest that 113m in purchasing some exclusives

Lord Anubis4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

I hate the double post glitch.