360 HD DVD add-on coming to US, Europe in mid-November for $200/€200/£130

Microsoft has confirmed today that the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive will arrive mid-November for the US and Europe. The price will be $199.99 in the US, €199.99 in Europe and £129.99 in the United Kingdom. The European prices beat Game Industry.biz's predictions from earlier this month. The HD DVD drive will be bundled with Peter Jackon's King Kong and the Xbox 360 Universal Remote.

Antan6277d ago

That is a very nice price! and so soon !!!

JIN KAZAMA6277d ago

I remember, the idiot RealDeal(TopGamer) was all hyped that the HD-DVD was cheaper than 200 dollars, I wonder how he's going to back track on this.
Ps3 is still a way more better deal for the price, than the 360 with the addon hd-dvd player.

Marriot VP6277d ago

it is cheaper than 200 bucks, it's 199$

Marty83706277d ago

That sh*t still.PS3/Blu-ray are the future.

NextGen24Gamer6277d ago (Edited 6277d ago )

YES. 199. Anyone who has followed my postings knows I said it would be between 150 and 200 dollars. I have always said it would absolutely not be over 200 like all the sony fanboys were saying. Once again....I was right...but there is no secret to my success. I just go off of what MS says and they are always right. 199 is a fantastic deal...couple that with the native 1080p output...and we have the best next gen video game console with the option to get the best HD movie format on the market at a very very low price of 199. Jin and DJ both said it would be well over 200 dollars. They were just hoping it would be. NOPE. Thanks Microsoft. Yet another fantastic option.

P.S. SO now you can find premiums bundled with extra games/controllers at costco for $440 and stand alone premiums for 340 to 360. Then you add the hd dvd if you want it and you are still well under the ps3. Next look for the hd dvd bundle with the 360's. Most likely undercutting the ps3 by a good 30 to 50 dollars. WOW

Jin you are only letting everyone know that you are an absolute liar. Everyone who has followed my postings knows I have always said it will be UNDER 200 dollars (which it is buddy) and I have ALWAYS said it will be price between 149 and 199. You are a sad person. Show a link with me saying anything other than that you pathetic liar. ha ha ha ha...anyone can say anything. Back what you say buddy. Thanks Microsoft. WOW....199.99. Under 200 dollars. ha ha ha ha

JIN KAZAMA6277d ago

You said, it would be under 200 dollars. And now you are back tracking. You feel dumb dont you, now that the 360 will be the same price as the premium PS3, with less options! Come on,