1UP reviews No More Heroes (7.5/10)

1UP writes: "No More Heroes is practically two entirely different games mashed together. One is a funny, smart, stylish action game that never fails to entertain. The other is an open-world game that fails so completely in every regard that, despite all appearances, it's easier to question the developer's intent than it is to accept that it's what they were going for. Fortunately, you barely have to play that second game to enjoy the first one."

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gamesblow4378d ago

This is the game people want to love just because it's different. Case and point... Killer 7, God hand, Okami, Vietiful Joe... All 4 of those games are so absurd and unappealing that people wanted to like them to be trendy or cutting edge. This game, made by some of the same dev's of those games, is no different.

It's an average game at best... It has some abstract gabrage and people will no doubt latch onto it like the last ring ding. What a joke.

It's like people "all of a sudden" loving Troll 2 cause it's a bad movie. I remember watching it when it 1st came out and loving it... Now, years later, it's all of a sudden cool to love the movie. Whatever.

PS360WII4378d ago

Wow you need help. Your comment is like how people try and like R&C because it's different but all it's trying it do is be like Mario but with guns.

Oh what's that my comment is all wrong? Well so was yours.

ngg123454378d ago

If this was a xbox 360 game

This game deserves significantly higher then a 7.5. Way to blow it, 1up again.

Marceles4378d ago (Edited 4378d ago )

I wouldn't give the game a 9 at all. I'm not being hard on it, but the game gets really repetitive quick and the only thing that's been keeping me entertained is the dialog and the visual presentation. Trust me, the game isn't a 9 but it's a refreshing game to play on the Wii if you're so used to playing Mario and Wii Sports all the time. It's alot like Assasin's Creed in its repetitiveness-but-want-to-kno w-what-happens-next style...the open world is more of a chore than fun. The sound is incredible btw, especially the sound of the sword when you finish off a group of guys at makes my whole house rumble, but it also makes the framerate slowdown, not that it stops the enjoyment of the game. I'm really enjoying the game's dialog though and I like trying out the different beam swords but I'd put it in the 8s at most. 1up was right with its description of it being funny and stylish and about the open world being kinda pointless...but I'd give the game more credit than a 7.5 because it's from a third part dev and they really tried and succeeded in making something different and good for the Wii.

MK_Red4378d ago

I don't want to sound fanboyish but I've never liked 1UP reviews and this only proves why I did. Seriously, the game is easily 9/10 IMO but hey, the same thing happened to Assassin's Creed. 9s from some and 7s from others. And AC is a huge fave of mine and NMH is a really great game IMO as well.

Theo11304378d ago

Especially with there audio programs like 1up yours & GFW Radio, i get a sense of what they like and they don't like. By that you can see what there reviews mean to you.

pizzavideogames4378d ago (Edited 4378d ago )

I agree with theo on this one. After listening to their podcasts, I do get a sense of who these people are and what they prefer. I've never read a review from them that I can't appreciate for the writers' perspective. I don't have to agree with their opinions but I do have to respect them.

cjp4eva4378d ago

Game looks pretty good, i like the blood :)

joemomma4378d ago

Oh well at least they got brawl and metriod...but thats it really.

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