Devil May Cry 4 - 7/10 - "A last-gen game in next-gen clothing"

Gameplayer has gone live with their review of the hotly anticipated Devil May Cry 4. Despite the hype around the game, they summarize that the gameplay simply isn't up to this generation's standard.

"DMC was undoubtedly a great slab of action when it first came out in 2001, but now the formula just feels a little dated and unrefined."

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gamesblow4379d ago

Exactly what I've been saying all along... Ho and hum, folks.


this is my genre of games but after downloading the demo i never quite got into it . maybe because i never played the first one .

Darkiewonder4379d ago

they suggested the AU RRP to be 10.95 and they said "jap" ;o

INehalemEXI4379d ago

Dude, I would give the demo a higher score then 7. I play it alot.

zambrota4379d ago

some reviewers loved AC

some just hated it like anything

Be prepared people for a lot of mixed reviews

sonarus4379d ago

nah its not the same as AC. AC is an incredible good looking game that tries in a lot of areas but fails in a lot of crucial areas. Couldnt even finish the game i lost intrest too quickly. From the demo i played though i have to agree with 1up's review. It dosent really do anything new visuals are ok but they arent special. I found the action extremely repetitive maybe its cus d last slashin game i played was gaiden which is a lot better. I personally wouldnt give it higher than a 7

4379d ago
lesferdinand4379d ago

but then they had to change it all and make it multi-platform...

Anyway, the review score amazes me in that, so far, an HD graphics upgrade was enough to warrant a high score. There's nothing on PS3 or 360 that's a big leap gameplay-wise from the last gen. There's only the graphics and so far that was enough, much to my dismay.

sonarus4379d ago

was built from ground up on ps3 and then 360 came in and delayed the hell out of the game. At the end of the day though no one but capcom is to blame as problems with the game are gameplay and game design oriented has nothing to do with technical specs.

Legend4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

A 7 doesn't mean it's a bad game. A 7 typically doesn't bring anything new to the table and, from my experience with the demo, DMC 4 doesn't. I'll still play the game but, like with DMC 3, I won't be expecting anything different from what has been done before.

BrianC62344379d ago

I really like the DMC4 demo too. I play it a lot. But I might do what I did with Assassin's Creed. I didn't buy that game right away and after Christmas Target had it on sale for $38.99 so I grabbed it. I have so many new PS3 games right now that I haven't even started. Maybe I'll hold off on this game and wait for a deal.

InYourMom4379d ago

You got a link where Capcom stated it was all done for the PS3 and then the 360 came along and delayed it?

I think you might be confusing with UT3.

AceLuby4379d ago

They would have made it more like DMC1, where there was actual skill in doing the combos. 2,3 & now 4 are all the same button mashers. It was REALLY hard in 1, if you played on hard and tried to pull off some of those crazy combos.

Blackfrican4379d ago

Giant sword? check.
Weird cameras? check.
Combo meter? check.
Dancing monsters? check.
Appearing / Disappearing boundaries? check.
Sales in Japan? check.
Microsoft's goal? check.

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ChaosKnight4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

So what were they suppose to do with the series? Turn it into an FPS? It's a hack and slash action game... it's pretty hard to change anything other than give the game new moves, better visuals and more story. They fixed many things that bugged me in the gameplay from the last game - based on the demos - plus the devil bringer and emotional conflicts are new to the series... not to mention the 60 FPS gameplay.

I don't think they're being fair... you shouldn't judge a game compared to previous games; rate it how that single game is. If the gameplay is fun say it then it's fun don't true and slice it up because it is similar to previous installments.

It also doesn't seem like the reviewer has never played a puzzle game as he complains about the strategic thinking the series seems to offer. That and Poor camera angles he seems to be having a hard time to handle is understandable and retracing steps is annoying are really the only things he says are bad but that is about the entire review. I just don't think he is giving many positive points and mainly focusing on the negatives.

darkshiz4379d ago

I would give the demo a 9.3 out of 10.
Their review won't stop me from buying.

Soren the Cat4379d ago

"So what were they suppose to do with the series? Turn it into an FPS?"

well played.

gamesR4fun4379d ago

I mean common this is not a next gen title by any means. Static world prerendered animations super dumb and boring ai's... Giving an old game a new coat of paint doesnt cut it anymore.
7/10 is pretty considerate and if anything shows that it is a decent dmc title but if you want a 10 give us a next gen title.

Shankle4379d ago

Well Devil May Cry is probably the only hack and slash that hasn't tried to add variety. God of War has the incredible cinematic feel, great puzzles and brilliant boss fights (which require involve tactics, not just skill), Heavenly Sword came out with the ability to throw objects. Sure most people hated it, but I enjoyed it somewhat, and at least it was trying to add some bloomin' variety.

It's not enough to add more combos or weapons. It never will be. If I want a deep fighting system (which I do) I'll pick Virtua Fighter. I will prefer to fight one enemy who has the same chance as me than a dozen enemies who can only walk slowly towards me and use the same attack animation over and over and over.
Plus there's something incredibly strange and annoying about the micro-cutscenes in DMC4. Every time the smallest event happens, it drags the control away from you just to let you see something like a door opening or an enemy arriving. Why?!!?! Why put so much effort into making it 60fps if they're just going to make the experience jerky and uncomfortable by putting in a tiny cutscene every 30 seconds?!

I used to like Devil May Cry, but there was nothing in that demo which wasn't in the first game. Oh fine, there was the devil bringer. Okay so that was one move. Great. I love it when I don't need to think about what I'm doing and can get by by just pressing the same button over and over.
"Slam Dunk! Slam Dunk! Slam Dunk! Slam Dunk! Slam Dunk! Slam Dunk!" Annoying yet?

I'd give it at best a 7 out of 10 and a "Rent if you really have to".

SlappingOysters4379d ago

well they could try taking hack'n'slash into the next-generation by inventing and innovating new ideas.

sonarus4379d ago

devil may cry is jst a weak hack and slash. Gaiden is way better and judging from the demo so is heavenly sword. It lies inbetween conan and hsword. i wish it was faster and more gory. the gun is jst stupid they should get rid of it. And the paths are ridiculously linear. They might as well have made the game on rails. no point having camera control with such linear paths. i guess dmc4 jst sorta appeals to the dmc fan. if this is the plan capcom had for the game all along its a gud thing they dropped it as ps3 exclusive cus everyone would be spitting on it like it was lair

ry-guy4379d ago

Agreed. The game felt sluggish. Building combos what more of a chore than it was fun. There was no button to increase speed, it was something of a predetermined time you were running unhindered. I wish there was more and they did something different with the genre.

At least, NG felt faster and smoother.

KozmoOchez4379d ago

Could mostly be the fault of it going multi plat -THANKS FOR BEING GREEDY YA JERKS!!!!- but it could just be that when a game does good, why would you change the formula, a lot of reviewers have become extremely biased, but you just can't tell. Take Assassins Creed - SAME THING OVER AND OVER!!!- some played and had orgasms, biased orgasms, b/c all you can here them say is "oh it looks so good, look at what i can do, i can fall a million feet and land safely into a stack of hay!!!" It wasn't that different except for some acrobatic stuff and the fact you had to walk around stalking a person/area(which was sorta what you did in socom). Ratchet and Clank FTOD got a 7.5/10 from gamepro for being the same, but why would you change from something everyone loved so much???(could have kept/expanded multiplayer, which is why i didnt buy). But i guess shooting at people in first person is always different...NOT!

Although COD4 added a little bit of RPG, same of everything eles(not saying its bad though) Halo 3 was completely the same, Sports titles are gonna be the same(sorry can't change the rules). Really the only series that changes every time would be Final Fantasy, changes battle system almost everytime(since 7 b/c thats where I started). Although, b4 FF12, it got tossed a lot of crap from biased reviewers(some not a lot) and biased gamers who only think that every game should be a fps and completely fast-paced action, and just because RPGs are on the slower, tactical side, some people don't even look that way

I'm tired of dumb excuses for why ppl don't like games like "the graphics arent that good" so what, look at the old gta games- looked horrible, but fun to play.
And, "whats the deal with rpgs, you stand there, take a hit, don't move, then its your turn bla bla bla" ITS ALL ABOUT THE TACTICS AND STRATEGY.
"It's the same as the last game that sold over a trillion copies and was super awesome and shouldnt be changed, but its the same so I dont like it" WHY CHANGE THE GREATNESS?!?!?

Since there gonna be biased, only people who like a certain genre should rate it so that others who like it can get fair judgement, of course it should be looked at by someone else too, but just to keep it honest

AceLuby4379d ago

Seriously, don't go there... Halo 3, while it is a good game, is basically Halo 2 w/ a new coat of paint and what were the avg scores? How many copies did it sell? Not saying I don't like it, because I do, but devs do this all the time.

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chitown4379d ago

im not gonna lie ever since this game went multi plat ehhhhhh lost interest

SlippyMadFrog4379d ago

Why would you lose interest when a game goes multi plat?

The_Engineer4379d ago

because in the case of DMC it no longer has any chance of taking advantage of PS3's hardware. Did you like the short single player in COD:4?? well you got DVD9 and the 360 to thank for that.

facts are facts, even when they don't blow sunshine up your beehind, this is the part 360 diehards have trouble come to terms with.

4379d ago
onyxbox4379d ago

I have to disagree about Mass Effect proving DVD is big enough. As much as I like the game it is only 50+ hours if you like doing the same mission with a different theme applied to the colour scheme over and over... the main game is 12 hrs and most of that is reading and walking from point A to point B and the back to A and then back to B again.

I beleive DVD is big enough for a different reason and it has more to do with the cost of developing more than 7 ot 8 GB's of graphical / audio assets.

Of course Media Disk capacity is a non issue on PS3.

SlippyMadFrog4379d ago

I see your point. Bubbles for presenting your argument in a logical and mature way.

Shankle4378d ago

"The problem is that you PS3 fanboys pass off oppinions as facts, then mistakenly think that Xbox360 fans can't handle your "facts""

Oh now come on you could have done so well but you had to go and attack a certain type of fanboy. ALL fanboys make up facts like that. Don't say it's just PS3 fanboys. They are all scum. Luckily we should be able to just leave them be from now on and the mods will clear them up and send them packing to the open zone.

SlippyMadFrog4378d ago

"facts are facts, even when they don't blow sunshine up your beehind, this is the part 360 diehards have trouble come to terms with."
My response was directed at The_Engineer, I just wanted to point out whats wrong with what he said.

I just asked a question why chitown lost interest in the game that went multiplat but The_Engineer wrote a post insulting everybody who supports the xbox360. I don't understand why my post was deleted by the mod when The_Engineer initiated the argument.

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