GT5 Prologue on April 17 - with 60 cars?!

Those of you who have already purchased the Japanese version of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue probably made a good decision. In its latest press release and PS Blog update, the North American release date has been set at April 17 for the new game. Pricing will be set at $39.99 and it will be available as a Blu-Ray disc or as a download from the PlayStation Store. The most interesting thing about the new press release was noticed by resident GT guru amar212 - there will be more than 60 cars for North America.

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Bill Gates4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

That's right BABOONS, Bill Gates has discovered the magic of "contributing" to the site.....AAHAHAHHAAHHHAA

Besides contributing my WISDOM of understanding how shiety the 360 is, I will also make sure to drown you BABOONS with great M$, and 360 stories you're all sure to love.....AAAHAHHAHAHHA

Stay tuned.

cjp4eva4381d ago

Please take me under your wing.

Cherchez La Ghost4381d ago

I truly see why you only have one bubble. You waste alot of energy on ignorance rather than consult as a normal person on these boards. What do you get out of acting like a azz anyway?!! You carry fanboyism way too far. You need to grow up and stop letting your ignorance overwhelm you with the words that you constantly use as "comments" for an intellectual conversation sometimes.

Bill Gates4381d ago

Learn how to count you BABOON. I have two bubbles :) I've been promoted......AHHAHAHAHHA

Do you own a PS3?....Go buy one, and quit wasting your time with that RROD......AAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA

Cherchez La Ghost4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

I own all three systems, dognutz!!! Yea you're right. I need to stop waisting time looking (and laughing) at the RROD on the back of your Mom's BVD's!! AHAHAHAHA!!!!

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zambrota4381d ago

However given the devs track record it is hard to be FALSE

gamesblow4381d ago

60 cars, to me, is too many... Why not just have like 20 really good cars? That's all I'm asking for. Cars I'd actually use. I see all these racing games with 80 and 100 + cars and I only ever use like 10 of them at the most. I find my car and stick with it. Diversity is key, but when so many of your cars are absurdly bad who's going to care?

Who's going to race the escort? I'm not. Throw it away. I think GT and 98% of all racing games are filled with filler. Motorstorm is another one.. it has a wide range of cars, now... after we had to pay for them thru trial and error and none of them control differently. Most are new skins. That's a shame.

Make 20 to 25 good cars, trucks, bikes, whatever... but make them good. Make them usable. That's my complaint. So them saying 60 cars is less than what was expected is a blessing to me. Maybe they cut out the ****.

Bathyj4381d ago

But GT is the game for car enthusiast. You might not want to drive an escort and I dont either really, but if you own one in real life you'd probably get a kick out of it. Personally I'd love to see a 1960 FB Holden, a car none of you have probably ever heard of but I drove for 10 years. A Classic.

Plus many of the lower end cars are good for the lower races. Thats whats cool about GT, you dont start in a 1000 horse power monster. You buy a piece of crap for 10 Grand and slowly work your way up, winning slow races (which are often tighter) so you can can a better car, or maybe that turbo.

My 2 cents anyway.


tethered4381d ago (Edited 4381d ago )

Complaining about too many cars? lol!


What is wrong with you? Too many? Really?
Why not do away with some tracks while your at it? lol!

You go on to talk about Motorstorm not having the cars it should upon release (I agree with that) and you complain about GT having too many cars? Again I say!, WTH!?!

Sometimes people confuse me.
This would be one of those times. Good job gamesblow. pfft!

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Rattles4381d ago

i want a 56 ford customline and a xy gtho.

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