1Up Feature DMC 4 - Better Red Than Dead - A Look Back at DMC's Dante

1Up continues it's Devil May Cr4 4 feature, in today's look, they write: Devil May Cry may not be the oldest franchise in gaming history, but it has, in its relatively short lifespan, garnered one of the most diehard followings ever seen for an action series, and with good reason. Main character, Dante, is the penultimate badass, all leather and chains, swords and six-shooters. He's a heavy metal cowboy leaping straight out of the fires of Hell, and makes nearly all of his contemporary counterparts look weak by comparison. After all, who else do you know that can survive being impaled on his own sword? And that's how his friends treat him. To celebrate Dante's adventures, we've rereviewed the Devil May Cry series, to see how they stack up in an era of God of Wars, Ninja Gaidens, and...Devil May Cry 4. We've even included a couple of his guest appearances, in games like Viewtiful Joe and Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Read on and enjoy.

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Cyrus3654372d ago

Hmmm considering they gave DMC 3 a 9, then and now review, I got a feeling they give DMC 4 9.5 or maybe 10.

littletad4372d ago

What's with 1up constantly reinstating that DMC3 was flawed? Flawed according to whom? Them? The game scored well across other media. It's one thing for a site to stay "true" to their opinion, but it's certainly the most enjoyable in the series regardless.