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Bill Gates5414d ago

You BABOONS better hurry. Pick up you future gaming device, cause your 360 is about to die for the 8th time.....AAAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

ooops, my bad IT'S ALREADY DEAD. You're just WAITING for your replacement.....AAHAHHAHAHHAHA

"This is waiting".....for your replacements......AAHHAHAHAHAH AHA

-EvoAnubis-5414d ago

The Open Zone truly is a mad house. I like n4g's new "let the inmates run the asylum" thing they have over here, and then we can actually talk as gamers in the other zone. Brilliant move.

leon765413d ago

To Anub1s_Beta: that's because you are here!!!!!

Bladestar5414d ago

Everytime I see news like this I'm glad I didn't rushed to buy a PS3... in reality the games I really want are not out yet.. Metal Gear and Final Fantasy... buying a PS3 as many did would mean... I would pay pay almost 2 time more and get almost 2 times less... and still not be playing the games I wanted to buy it in the first place... it seems that by the time the real games come out... the PS3 will cost $299-$350 and probably have a 200GB hard drive...
Specially knowing that Sony is trigger happy as far as price drop and changing SKU is concern... great things for those who can wait and at the end of the day will play the very same games... but just a little later.

TheExecutive5414d ago

actually i am glad I got my 60 gig when i did. I got complete backward compatability and all the bells and whistles along with it. The 120 gig is a gimped version of the 60gb beside the obvious hdd. Luckily I can replace the hdd anytime i want.

Whoooop5414d ago

Really happy with my 60gb PS3...

There are people who wait and people who buy right away. With the PS3 is just a matter of price, because you're getting a first class product no matter when you buy it.

I'm more than happy with my decision to buy the PS3 in the beginning.

Armyless5414d ago

Incredibly enough, the instructions for upgrading the PS3 hard drive are in the manual! Hahaha.

Violater5414d ago

everyone is so caught up on BC
GOW2 was the last PS2 game I played and probably will stay that way.
how many more ps2 games do u guys intend to play

Ri0tSquad5414d ago

I'm glad I got my 60 gb because of BC. But yeah, I don't blame anyone for getting mad at Sony for doing this.

-EvoAnubis-5414d ago

Well, there's Fire Pro Wrestling Returns, the upcoming Silent Hill: Origins, Indigo Prophesy, Second Sight, the Prince of Persia Trilogy, and Beyond Good & Evil that I'm still playing on my PS3. Not to mention my g/f like to play her Sonic collection.

So, to answer your question, how many more PS2 games do I intend to play? Lots.

crck5414d ago

I've missed over the years. Just don't have the time to play them as they are 40 hrs to 80 hrs long each. With the 60 gb ps3 I can take my time and buy them at dirt cheap prices when I'm ready for a new one.

rofldings5414d ago (Edited 5414d ago )

What're you talking about bladestar? If you rushed out and got the 60gb, you got the best PS3 SKU in terms of BC. Just simply upgrade your HDD, and you're set.

(Also proud owner of a 60gb)

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joydestroy5414d ago

also proud owner of a 60gig model with full BC.
that was the best one to buy, especially if you never owned a PS2 like me.

Bathyj5414d ago

Full BC, Memory card readers, and 4 USB's. Plus all the games I haven't missed out on this year. Sure, you can save some money by waiting. You can save even more by not gaming at all. NEVER !!

I'm glad I own a 60gig..., excuse me did I say 60? I meant 250 Gig PS3.

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nix5414d ago

bladestar has been complaining that he didn't buy a PS3 because of sony fanboys who kept making fun of him. it's true he said that before.

i bought a PS3 last month... 40GB is all that you can find here (in india) so i literally hunted for 60GB though it was one year old SKU. i bought it because of extra USB ports plus all those memory slots you get. i'm still struggling to fill up the 60GB space. LOL! awesome beast!

and i'm getting my a$$ whooped in warhawk! FREAKING MISSILES ALWAYS LOCK! q:

Marceles5414d ago

sigh* really need to know what the hell you're talking about before you jump on a thread like this, you pretty much went on a kamikaze mission and blew yourself up without killing anyone

coolfool5414d ago

I know I am going to get slated for this but.......

Bladestar's comment wasn't that bad. He only expressed an opinion and from what I can tell he doesn't insult anyone, put anyone down or claim anything as fact.

When I last checked it was still ok for poeple to have opinions that differ from your own.......wasn't it?

Hellgiver5414d ago

I'm so happy I got my 60gig right when it went down 100 bucks. at 499 USD, I then sent in for the 5 free blu-rays, and traded those in at Walmart, resulting in another 105 bucks off (I kept one of them, resulting in lower savings). Then, I put in my own 160gig HDD for 89 bucks. Unless Sony puts out this new SKU very competitively priced, I don't really think I'll be very disappointed with my choice.

I, personally, like having full BC since my PS2 is in another room as a DVD player. However, I doubt they will make the 120gig only 599. They are adding so much in it, there would have to be a catch, be it no PS2 BC ,which I had heard some rumors about, or a big price spike, we'll all see if it turns out to be any good compared to the original 60 gig. BTW, the 5 free blu-ray deal ended on the 29th, and it MAY be continued again, as it was extended once before. It really depends on how they think the HDDVD vs Blu-ray war is going, and if they want to keep the deal going since HDDVD is also doing that deal.

The Wood5414d ago

its not that we cant accept another persons opinion its just that bladestar is one of this sites elite sony naysayers. I ask you this. Where is his heartfelt speech of sorrow for all the launch 360 owners? The ones who purchased a premium only to find out that a better than premium elite was launched WITH hdmi which 'wasn't needed', a real sized hdd etc? You wont because he is extremely one sided. There was a point when he used to 'try' and make good comments and Im not sure whether the ps3fans brought out the worst in him or it just his personal need for angst but the fact remains that he hates sony, their fans and people who say good things about them. There are many many people who prefer the 360 on this site that can float into ps3 articles say their piece whilst being objective and witty sometimes, Bladstar is just not one of them.

ravinash5414d ago

I got my 60GB PS3 on day one when it came out in the UK....never regrated it. Thats nearly a year ago, so I've definitely got my moneys worth out of it.

coolfool5413d ago

All your points are pretty good. I just think that it would be better to judge people on their latest comment rather than just how they have been generally in the past. So based on that, this particular comment of bladestar's wasn't that bad and yet he still got slated.

It seems like he has dug himself a hole and people are starting to fill the dirt back on top of him.....

Salvadore5413d ago

People who brought their consoles on launch have nothing to lose as their consoles have the complete set of features.

Why do you think I have been hunting down those 20gb models?

Armyless5413d ago

Read through his comments, we aren't suffering from mass-delusion.

When he makes a comment about "waiting" to buy the PS3, as he's done since launch, he's subversively manufacturing a mindset to justify NOT purchasing a PS3.

Again read through his comments, the rest of us have been putting up with it for a long time now and see right through it.


I agree , i was an early adopter and bought the 60 gb . i can honestly say i didnt wait in line this time . I wanted to wait till i got HDTV first . even though i paid $ 599 i thought i still got a good deal , because ever since they came out with the price i thought it was cheap .

Armyless5413d ago

"this game was a PS3 exclusive... the fact we are getting it... is enough and the ownage is against you."

"Let's wait until Metal Gear and other PS3 games are released and we will know if the PS3 will every catch up to the xbox 360 install base"

"these games will not be on the PS3.... fact! so, pick your path"

"PS3 gamers will pay more for the same crap"

"How long is being since the PS3 was release... one year and a half? mmm... Where are the games that run at 120FPS and 1080P?"

"all of the sudden Sony fanboys don't want to use their theory about sold vs shipped..."

"now when it comes to the PS3... not even 2 games per console... I wonder if half of the people buying a PS3 are using it only as a blu-ray player..."

"I love Metal Gear... my favorite and only reason I may buy a PS3..."

"do you expect developers to bother making games on the PS3?"

----You think we were quick to judge? How long have you been here?

Silvanos5413d ago

Just wanted to add I am very glad to have the 60 gig.

coolfool5413d ago (Edited 5413d ago )

I've been here long enough to see that he is a big fan of the Xbox. That in itself is not a bad thing. But yeah, if he had said some of the comments you listed then.....well, lets just say they are openzone comments so hopefully they will be kept there in the future. This current comment seems an appropriate gamerZone comment so could be treated as such regardless of his past "openZone" comments.

i Shank u5413d ago (Edited 5413d ago )

i agree with one thing you said. im glad i havent gotten one yet because in just over a year the price has gone down to 399 (40 GB compared to the 599 60GB). ill prob wait til this fall for a price drop, and if it doesnt happen then ill pay 399. but dude how can you hate on ps3 early adopters? i think they got a little screwed price wise, but thats it. as a 360 early adopter, i got RROD'd, a 20GB hard drive that gives me 13GB of storage, lack of HDMI, and no option to buy the elite (woulda have bought that instead of premium) im not sorry because ive had alot of fun playing it, but us 360 early adopters got the bigger shaft :(

V_Ben5413d ago

I've got a UK 60GB, no problems for me :P

cmrbe5413d ago

Thats your opinion and i respect that. As you can see from alot of post alot of us early PS3 adopters really have no regret buying one early as we got to experience great PS gaming a couple of months/years before others. We knew the price for early admission and it does help to know that we have the original best sku imo. To those that disagree with Blade. Just note that he was just posting his opinion and not implying that we early PS3 adopters are some how stupid.

The Wood5413d ago

i was more than happy to be an early adopter. Got mine before the official uk release. The only things that have changed since launch is the price, rumble and size of hdd which is a moot point because i can put my own one in. Maybe you should stop hating blade, its a new year, just chill

Armyless5413d ago

I appreciate your brotherly defense of an otherwise benign post, but almost all of Bladestar's "openZone" comments I listed are passable when taken one at a time. The context when looking at his comments in sum total are revealing, which is why he raises so many protests. His interests lie purely... (read: PURELY) in manufacturing discontent with the PS3 in favor of the 360.

Bladestar has a long history of campaigning in this console "war" on this website. The fact that he continues posting in the GamerZone forums is testament to his motives and dedication. (Nevermind the fact that he's posting in PS3 news-related articles as well).

We are not fooled by his passive-aggressive manipulations.

wind_dragon5413d ago

i luv my 60gb(soon to be 160gb), but i don't play any of my ps2 games on it tho. maybe tkken5 but after tekken6 then that will change too.

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Tempist5414d ago

Man, if this trend keeps up, in about 9 months we're going to see the old 60 GB hardware with a 200GB drive and 2 contollers + game (lol, probably Resistance 2).

I don't understand why they keep dropping in various harddrives. It's a moot selling feature given that they're common and replaceable at the user desire. If anything we should be saved the money of them putting a large capacity harddrive and instead spend that money on getting which ever harddrive we chose.

TheExecutive5414d ago

they need a price drop to 449 for the new model and 299 for the 40 gb

DrPirate5414d ago

I second that motion TheExecutive.

A price drop to approximately 200 dollars is approaching mass market pricepoint.

There'll be a cheap SKU for the people who are just buying in for Metal Gear and such games (And you still get all the features save for media card readers, PS2 BC, and a 40 gigabyte hardrive), or you get the hardcore 120GB which is good if you'll be installing many games on the hard drive, downloading PSN titles, and putting your music and videos on it.

Tempist5414d ago

At this time are totally inane and moot. Clearly people are going to pay $600, $500 and $400 for a PS3/Blu-ray player so dropping the price is not worth their loss.

If anything, the PS3 SKUs have painted themselves into a corner; there's no way they can now justify why they pulled the PS2 compatabily and hardware if they keep dropping the price. PS2s are being made still are they not?

All and all there's been short-sightedness and irrationaly with pulling the 60GB (full PS3) away and baiting with slightly lower prices and larger harddrives.

Antiomo5414d ago (Edited 5414d ago )

Is nothing special, it IS a laptop harddrive.

The Hard drive market is very volatile. New models come in while others get phased out.

If you notice hard drives tend to phase out at the 80 dollar range. Meaning the fixed cost in overhead (storage, matrial and logistics) might be floating close to that number .

Bare in mind a 200 gb hard drive may cost the same as a 120 gb hd.

Im pretty sure their contract for their 80gbs are dying off and they are forced to go for a 120 gb.

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TheHater5414d ago

who cares how big the Hard drive is, what about backward compatibility, and the price?

TH3 GAM35414d ago

Sony would get caught red handed and they would deny it to the end. LOL!!!

WAR_MACHINE775413d ago

well yeah they would play dumb. The still want to sell systems now.