Saint's Row Interview

We have seen games like the Grand Theft Auto series along with the True Crime series and Driver: Parallel Lines explore the crime action game with the open world gameplay theme. Now developer Volition and publisher THQ will be bringing the genre to the next generation console in the next few months with Saint's Row, an exclusive for Microsoft's Xbox 360 console. FiringSquad got a chance to chat with Volition's lead designer Chris Stockman to find out more about their plans for Saint's Row

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joemutt6201d ago

Just something to keep us busy until we get GTA4, since we will get it before you.

clayton6201d ago

Why bash the 360, this game is for fun not to drool over the graphics. It is a big step up from the GTA series graphics wise.

BIadestarX6201d ago

This kid/child is going into every 360 post and posting negative comments about them. This is what happens to people when envy is killing them inside because they can't afford a 360. Kid coming here and seen all the hot stuff coming for the 360 will make things worst. I recommend you to avoid 360 sites and go back to your little corner and wait till Sony or Nintendo drops you a bone.

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