PC Console Emulators: Are they worth your time?

"The short answer is yes. The ones that I have tried work nearly perfectly, and the best thing is that they're free. So, instead of tracking down a console, then finding and buying all the games you want, you can download a game and be playing in a matter of minutes. All you really need for some great retro gaming is some decent computer knowledge and a PC compatible gamepad/controller, then it's off to the races."

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decrypt3358d ago

Hell yea they are, i can pretty much emulate any console ever released (aside the PS3 and Xbox 360). Any console aside the 2 of those can be emulated.

It seems funny to me when people are desperately waiting for a HD remake to a last gen game, yet wont give emulation a try. You can play any older gen game with a 360 or DS3 controller. Hell its funny people are so desperate for HD remakes yet dont realise the same HD remakes may not work on the next consoles, putting you back to square one. On PC though if you get a emulator and roms collection, its for yours to keep forever.

CrimsonessCross3358d ago

Just about the same way I see it.

Nerdmaster3357d ago

That's why I think these HD re-releases are terrible. If game companies want my money for old games, they should make proper remakes. I was looking forward to Final Fantasy X HD, but I started playing it on PC, and now I don't see any reason to wait for the HD re-release.

TheRealTedCruz3357d ago


Never understood why people go crazy over rebuying their games, just set at a higher resolution.

Here's how I see things.

You own the game? Does it no longer look good an your HD television? Well, then emulate. No reason why you shouldn't. If the only thing they change is the set resolution of the game, and you have given them your money the first time around, you shouldn't feel the need to pay them again just to have your games hold up by today's standards.

LightofDarkness3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

I've sworn by them since ZSNES in '98, so yes, very much worth your time. I remember when UltraHLE came out and I was flabbergasted. They're pretty amazing these days, I play all my Wii and PS2 games on my PC @ 1080p now, and it's pretty terrific.

My friends and I were in heaven when CPS2 emulation finally happened, and we played all those Capcom arcade classics to death.

CrimsonessCross3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

I'm sad Champions of Norrath isn't supported yet! :(
Freaking loved that game and its expansion to pieces.

I honestly can't believe they haven't just made some sort of official emulation tech for both console and PC. But nooo now they see it as a card up their sleeve to do that to their games.

Tidybrutes3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Yes they are defo worth our time, especially for games which were never released in your region or games which were unappreciated when released, meaning that they are rare and hard to find with over inflated price tags only dedicated collectors will pay.

Currently playing Paper Mario on a N64 emulator and loving it. Is a good way to catch up on games you've missed over the years.

Hassassin3357d ago

I currently play Metroid Prime 1 @1440p..... awesome!!

fossilfern3357d ago

Where do you get your ISOs? I got all the Metroid games but my drive doesn't recognise GC or Wii discs

Izowiuz3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Simple Google search will aid you, friend.

Hassassin3356d ago

Sorry dude, don't remember. But I do remember it was an easy search.
(I also have the originals, but assumed it was easier to DL them).

capcock3357d ago

Yes they are. Having access to a ton of games and consoles on a pc at the same time is much more convenient than having a bunch of consoles.