X06: 360 To Get GTA Exclusives

New info regarding exclusive downloadble content for the next installment of GTA on the 360....

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USMChardcharger5910d ago

sony fans...ha ha we have GTA only.

*after GTA is for both systems at same time*

sony big deal to us...GTA is not that good anyway.


BIadestarX5910d ago

Damn! One year!? I will not hold my breath for this.

kmis875910d ago

That still doesn't mean the ps3 won't get additional content, they just confirmed that their will be exclusive content for the 360 version. The ps3 could have exclusive content too. Plus, both systems get the game, which is what most people care about.

hardwood20015910d ago

Microsoft and Rockstar have signed an "exclusive agreement" to provide episodic content via Xbox Live

kmis875910d ago

Where does it say that? It says there will be 2 episodes exclusive for the 360. It doesn't say anything about exclusives beyond that or that those 2 episodes will be the only extra content.

CAPS LOCK5910d ago

where does it say that it would take a year? and ps3 would have exclusives aswell.

tom15955909d ago

stupid. all that means is that xbox360 will get 2 more (presumably) missions to downloaded (im sure at a cost) that the ps3 wont get. but ps3 will still have heaps.