No Star Trek Movie Game From Bethesda Softworks

FiringSquad has learned that publisher Bethesda Softworks, the current owner of the video-PC game rights to the Star Trek franchise, will not be publishing a game based on the upcoming J.J. Abrams directed Star Trek movie. Company spokesperson Pete Hines confirmed this news with FiringSquad today.

Hines also stated that Bethesda Softworks's sister company, the new MMO based developer ZeniMax Online Studios, will not be taking over the development of Star Trek Online.

When asked if Bethesda Softworks was going to continue publishing Trek games or if it would let its current license expire, Hines only told FiringSquad cryptically, "TBD."

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Zhuk4622d ago

it's sad that one of the best companies that could ever handle a great IP like Star Trek is mishandling the IP so bad, give people what they want which is an awesome Star Trek RPG

PS360WII4622d ago

Hmm well it seems they aren't really doing anything which is okay. Even if it is Bethesda I could never see a good game come from Star Trek. Good movie yes good game... not likely

Excalibur4622d ago (Edited 4622d ago )

Was a huge Trek fan but(IMO) the mishandling of the whole franchise pretty much ended it for me.
I still enjoy TOS,TNG,DS9 and a tid bit of VOY but the rest is pretty much crap.
I agree with Zhuk though,The I.P. of Star Trek has so much potential to have such great games but time and time again they blow it.
I did quit enjoy both the Voyager elite games and would love to see something like that made along the line of Kirk and crew.

Honestly, I have no problem with there being no game with the new movie,I think the new movie is gonna be crap as well.