CheatCC Preview: Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning - Another MMO Giant

CheatCC writes: "EA Mythic has been credited for creating the famous Dark Age of Camelot, an MMORPG that rivaled Asheron's Call, EverQuest, Ultima Online, and City of Heroes going into the early 2000s. Though a little unpolished, it featured a unique class system and solid PvP (player vs. player) action that still draws some crowds to this day. Yet, in an age where World of Warcraft currently holds the genre in its tightly clenched fist, many people have found that those two particular elements aren't enough. Aiming at the casual player and offering a deep solo, group, and player vs. player environment, Blizzard has created a monster that both casual and hardcore players can get engaged with. Most modern day MMORPGs either make it too difficult for new players to get into or just try to copy World of Warcraft's formula and fail. Warhammer Online sets out to try to do everything World of Warcraft has done but better, with emphasis on a truly fascinating end-game PvP environment."

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