Petty to just play Guitar Hero III for Super Bowl Halftime Show

Instead of rehearsing an elaborate stage show – complete with countless dancers, multiple songs, fireworks, and the rest – Tom Petty has decided that during Sunday's halftime show he'll simply play "Through the Fire and Flames" on his Nintendo Wii, and then walk off the stage.

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Tempist4370d ago

Wow... just wow.

We all know that he's going to fail totally given that playing the guitar (instrument) is 100% diferent that playing Guitar Hero.

But then again, this has to be the only potential fiasco that can rival the Jackson Boob incident.

RecSpec4370d ago (Edited 4370d ago )

Argh!! He stole my idea! Me and a few friends were just gonna play Guitar Hero during halftime at our Super Bowl Party.

Edit: "Given that the halftime ceremony is actually slated to be about 20 minutes, the NFL has announced that it’s going to fill in the rest of the time by showing a lengthy YouTube video of a bunch of water buffaloes in a fight with some lions." This clearly shows that it is a joke in case some of you weren't sure. I mean this should be a given but I've seen people believe weirder things. (certain games going to certain consoles)

Sorry to wreck your hopes. Have a terrific night.

Adamalicious4370d ago

That video is awesome though. Check it out if you haven't seen it. Watch out for the crocs!!

aslucher4370d ago

How did this make it on the home page??? the part about YouTube wasnt enough of a false alarm for you guys!?!?

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