Did Sony Just Top Their E3 Press Conference?

Yes, yes they did. Sony at Gamescom 2012 blew every expectation anyone had from them out of the water.

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iXenon4305d ago

The only thing that killed their E3 conference was Wonderbook kill momentum. They timed it better this time around

iamnsuperman4305d ago

E3 was also missing vita stuff but I agree. Too much time was spent on wonderbook. At E3 is should have been announced but then advertised aggressively outside these conferences because the people who watched these conferences are not really the market for wonderbook

raytraceme4305d ago

thing is that EU is now sony's biggest gaming market. So sony is now putting more focus into EU oriented events.

ProjectDeputy4305d ago

wondercrap is STILL awesome for the kids if they keep making deals like they did with that chick that wrote harry potters it ca nbe good...now a deal with tolken and other famous ppl like that could make them profits.

but anw from the big three sony had again the best conferance..nintendo was the must boring to date
m$ well no surprise another gaylo,gears and more kinect hello kitty craps deja vu move along.

Unexpecta4305d ago

Yep, Sony won it again this time.

miyamoto4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

Wonderbook Walking with Dinosaurs will be freaking awesome!

A well balanced show. CoD just was disappointing but Killzone made up for it.

Bowzabub4305d ago

Well, Sony said that E3 was the Superbowl of gaming. I guess that Gamescon is the World Cup of gaming. XD

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Whitefeather4305d ago

I agree this was way better than this year's E3.

acidbrn4305d ago

Not too hard considering how bad their E3 press conference was. Nice to see that they at least learned from their mistakes.

MysticStrummer4305d ago

You must have really despised E3 then, since Sony's presentation was the best of the big 3.

acidbrn4305d ago

Yeah I thought pretty low of the E3 press conferences. Which is why I find it so refreshing that Sony took what ever criticisms they received and improved on them.

ProjectDeputy4305d ago

what mistakes nap ?

sony had the best conferance from the 3
sony-ubisoft owned this E3

acidbrn4305d ago

I agree they did have the best out of the three, but come on you have to admit they could have done better.

So i'll state it again, yes Sony had the best E3 press conference, I don't disagree with that at all.

BringingTheThunder4305d ago

lots of new games and no downtime, it was much better

iamnsuperman4305d ago

Yes they did. They showed a lot of stuff for the vita which is a bonus. I personally do not like the idea of shelling out X amount of money for a portable gaming dedicated handheld but they did show off some stuff that makes me more inclined to buy it. There was a lot of nice new ips as well. Overall the conference was good(especially considering it was gamescom which a lot have questioned its relevance and usually there isn't much revealed at Gamescom)