Media Molecule’s New Project Revealed: Tearaway for PS Vita

Tearaway is kind of like a buddy movie. It stars iota, a messenger from a paper dimension, whose envelope head contains an urgent message to deliver… to you! It’s a very special message, and one that’s unique for each and every player. In order to read yours, you’ll need to take up the role of co-star and, together with iota, journey through the vibrant papery landscape — two buddies going on an epic adventure.

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cpayne932282d ago

First I thought it might look a little too kiddy, but I changed my mind after seeing gameplay. Looks brilliant.

Thatguy-3102282d ago

seriously i enjoyed this conference more because of all the new titles they announced. This title truly looks amazing and unique. They seriously know how to makelovable characters. Sucks they didn't announce a release date. SO PSYCHED !!

TBM2282d ago

wow now that's what i call creative. more games like this should inspire other developers to take risks.

this is day one for sure. awesome job MM

hulk_bash19872282d ago

Are you kidding me, I love the concept of this game. Sony if you're listening, the Vita NEEDS more games like this. Thank you Media Molecule.

VitaOwner2282d ago

This looked interesting. I wonder if it will support user created levels.

moparful992282d ago

Wow I'm convinced that media molecule is some of the most creative minds in our industry! Totally buying this!!!

forevercloud30002282d ago

Well said, and Bubbles for you sir as MM are amazing.

I was a bit skeptical in the begining, it was always going to be an uphill battle for the creators of LBP to out do themselves. Yet they surprised me with something cool and unique. I love it.

Oh and this should shut up a few of the haters. The ones who keep saying Sony has to have their big AAA devs working on Vita titles and stop pushing them onto their smaller devs. Now they have.

Qrphe2282d ago

OMG, they really showed how great those motion and touch controls can be

I'm sold

Rampaged Death2282d ago

Amazing ! Can't wait to see more.

Protagonist2282d ago

Agree, at first glimpse I was meh!, but it seems really innovative. I Hope it turns out really good.

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The story is too old to be commented.