Ten Reasons to Hate the Zune

The Zune was never really going to be an iPod beater and Tech Digest give us ten more reasons to hate Microsoft's new MP3 player; the Zune. Let's dive into them.

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calderra5910d ago

1)The guy who posted this is an anti-Microsoft ass (if you can't tell by the article), so anything anti-Microsoft instantly has to do with 360.
2)He still thinks this was supposed to play Xbox 360 games. Which it never was, and that whole thing was a load of rumor, but let's not think of that.

Just to note: THE ZUNE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE iPOD, ONLY IT HAS A LARGER SCREEN! If you're complaining about the design, you're basically saying iPod sucks too, because the only REAL difference comes down to the WiFi feature.